Maria Carmela Vegliante
Maria Carmela Vegliante
Hematology and Cell Therapy Unit, IRCCS-Istituto Tumori 'Giovanni Paolo II', Bari, Italy
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Molecular Subsets of Mantle Cell Lymphoma Defined by the IGHV Mutational Status and SOX11 Expression Have Distinct Biologic and Clinical Features
A Navarro, G Clot, C Royo, P Jares, A Hadzidimitriou, A Agathangelidis, ...
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SOX11 regulates PAX5 expression and blocks terminal B-cell differentiation in aggressive mantle cell lymphoma
MC Vegliante, J Palomero, P Pérez-Galán, G Roué, G Castellano, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 121 (12), 2175-2185, 2013
Non-nodal type of mantle cell lymphoma is a specific biological and clinical subgroup of the disease
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SOX11 promotes tumor angiogenesis through transcriptional regulation of PDGFA in mantle cell lymphoma
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Dissection of DLBCL microenvironment provides a gene expression-based predictor of survival applicable to formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue
S Ciavarella, MC Vegliante, M Fabbri, S De Summa, F Melle, G Motta, ...
Annals of Oncology 29 (12), 2363-2370, 2018
SOX11 promotes tumor protective microenvironment interactions through CXCR4 and FAK regulation in mantle cell lymphoma
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Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 130 (4), 501-513, 2017
KRAS-regulated glutamine metabolism requires UCP2-mediated aspartate transport to support pancreatic cancer growth
S Raho, L Capobianco, R Malivindi, A Vozza, C Piazzolla, F De Leonardis, ...
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SOX11 defines two different subtypes of mantle cell lymphoma through transcriptional regulation of BCL6
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Epigenetic activation of SOX11 in lymphoid neoplasms by histone modifications
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PloS one 6 (6), e21382, 2011
microRNA expression profiles identify subtypes of mantle cell lymphoma with different clinicobiological characteristics
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N‐acetylaspartate release by glutaminolytic ovarian cancer cells sustains protumoral macrophages
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EMBO reports 22 (9), e51981, 2021
The tumor microenvironment of DLBCL in the computational era
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Frontiers in Oncology 10, 351, 2020
Intra-tumour heterogeneity of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma involves the induction of diversified stroma-tumour interfaces
S Sangaletti, F Iannelli, F Zanardi, V Cancila, P Portararo, L Botti, D Vacca, ...
EBioMedicine 61, 2020
Prognostic value of lesion dissemination in doxorubicin, bleomycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine‐treated, interimPET‐negative classical Hodgkin Lymphoma patients: A radio …
R Durmo, B Donati, L Rebaud, AS Cottereau, A Ruffini, ME Nizzoli, ...
Hematological oncology 40 (4), 645-657, 2022
Is hepatic lipogenesis fundamental for NAFLD/NASH? A focus on the nuclear receptor coactivator PGC-1β
S Ducheix, MC Vegliante, G Villani, N Napoli, C Sabbà, A Moschetta
Cellular and molecular life sciences 73 (20), 3809-3822, 2016
A new ensemble method for detecting anomalies in gene expression matrices
L Selicato, F Esposito, G Gargano, MC Vegliante, G Opinto, GM Zaccaria, ...
Mathematics 9 (8), 882, 2021
Transcriptional regulation of the intestinal nuclear bile acid farnesoid X receptor (FXR) by the caudal-related homeobox 2 (CDX2)
S Modica, M Cariello, A Morgano, I Gross, MC Vegliante, S Murzilli, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (41), 28421-28432, 2014
Predictive and prognostic molecular factors in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas
SA Pileri, C Tripodo, F Melle, G Motta, V Tabanelli, S Fiori, MC Vegliante, ...
Cells 10 (3), 675, 2021
NR1H3 (LXRα) is associated with pro‐inflammatory macrophages, predicts survival and suggests potential therapeutic rationales in diffuse large b‐cell lymphoma
MC Vegliante, S Mazzara, GM Zaccaria, S De Summa, F Esposito, F Melle, ...
Hematological Oncology 40 (5), 864-875, 2022
Spatial transcriptome of a germinal center plasmablastic burst hints at MYD88/CD79B mutants‐enriched diffuse large B‐cell lymphomas
V L'Imperio, G Morello, MC Vegliante, V Cancila, G Bertolazzi, S Mazzara, ...
European Journal of Immunology 52 (8), 1350-1361, 2022
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