Tamás F Fekete
Tamás F Fekete
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Lumbar facet joint effusion in MRI: a sign of instability in degenerative spondylolisthesis?
F Lattig, TF Fekete, D Grob, FS Kleinstück, D Jeszenszky, AF Mannion
European Spine Journal 21, 276-281, 2012
To fuse or not to fuse in lumbar degenerative spondylolisthesis: do baseline symptoms help provide the answer?
FS Kleinstueck, TF Fekete, AF Mannion, D Grob, F Porchet, U Mutter, ...
European Spine Journal 21, 268-275, 2012
The influence of comorbidity on the risks and benefits of spine surgery for degenerative lumbar disorders
AF Mannion, TF Fekete, F Porchet, D Haschtmann, D Jeszenszky, ...
European Spine Journal 23, 66-71, 2014
A comparative effectiveness study of patient-rated and radiographic outcome after 2 types of decompression with fusion for spondylotic myelopathy: anterior cervical discectomy …
JK Burkhardt, AF Mannion, S Marbacher, PA Dolp, TF Fekete, ...
Neurosurgical focus 35 (1), E4, 2013
The outcome of decompression surgery for lumbar herniated disc is influenced by the level of concomitant preoperative low back pain
FS Kleinstueck, T Fekete, D Jeszenszky, AF Mannion, D Grob, F Lattig, ...
European Spine Journal 20, 1166-1173, 2011
Adult degenerative scoliosis: comparison of patient-rated outcome after three different surgical treatments
FS Kleinstueck, TF Fekete, D Jeszenszky, D Haschtmann, AF Mannion
European Spine Journal 25, 2649-2656, 2016
A comparison of patient and surgeon preoperative expectations of spinal surgery
F Lattig, TF Fekete, D O'Riordan, FS Kleinstück, D Jeszenszky, F Porchet, ...
Spine 38 (12), 1040-1048, 2013
What level of pain are patients happy to live with after surgery for lumbar degenerative disorders?
TF Fekete, D Haschtmann, FS Kleinstück, F Porchet, D Jeszenszky, ...
The Spine Journal 16 (4), S12-S18, 2016
Overview of disc arthroplasty—past, present and future
TF Fekete, F Porchet
Acta neurochirurgica 152, 393-404, 2010
Patient-reported outcome of surgical treatment for lumbar spinal epidural lipomatosis
PW Ferlic, AF Mannion, D Jeszenszky, F Porchet, TF Fekete, F Kleinstück, ...
The Spine Journal 16 (11), 1333-1341, 2016
The assessment of complications after spine surgery: time for a paradigm shift?
AF Mannion, TF Fekete, D O'Riordan, F Porchet, UM Mutter, D Jeszenszky, ...
The Spine Journal 13 (6), 615-624, 2013
The impact and value of uni-and multimodal intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) on neurological complications during spine surgery: a prospective study of 2728 …
M Sutter, A Eggspuehler, D Jeszenszky, F Kleinstueck, TF Fekete, ...
European Spine Journal 28, 599-610, 2019
Posterior vertebral column resection in early onset spinal deformities
D Jeszenszky, D Haschtmann, FS Kleinstück, M Sutter, A Eggspühler, ...
European Spine Journal 23, 198-208, 2014
C2 prosthesis: anterior upper cervical fixation device to reconstruct the second cervical vertebra
D Jeszenszky, TF Fekete, R Melcher, J Harms
European Spine Journal 16, 1695-1700, 2007
Outcome of L5 radiculopathy after reduction and instrumented transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion of high-grade L5–S1 isthmic spondylolisthesis and the role of intraoperative …
RT Schär, M Sutter, AF Mannion, A Eggspühler, D Jeszenszky, TF Fekete, ...
European spine journal 26, 679-690, 2017
Lumbar facet joint effusion on MRI as a sign of unstable degenerative spondylolisthesis: should it influence the treatment decision?
F Lattig, TF Fekete, FS Kleinstück, F Porchet, D Jeszenszky, AF Mannion
Clinical Spine Surgery 28 (3), 95-100, 2015
Dural sac cross-sectional area and morphological grade show significant associations with patient-rated outcome of surgery for lumbar central spinal stenosis
AF Mannion, TF Fekete, D Pacifico, D O’riordan, S Nauer, M von Büren, ...
European Spine Journal 26, 2552-2564, 2017
Patient-rated outcomes of lumbar fusion in patients with degenerative disease of the lumbar spine: does age matter?
S Marbacher, AF Mannion, JK Burkhardt, RT Schär, F Porchet, ...
Spine 41 (10), 893-900, 2016
Prospective study of the effect of pedicle screw placement on development of the immature vertebra in an in vivo porcine model
TF Fekete, FS Kleinstück, AF Mannion, ZS Kendik, DJ Jeszenszky
European Spine Journal 20, 1892-1898, 2011
How does patient-rated outcome change over time following the surgical treatment of degenerative disorders of the thoracolumbar spine?
TF Fekete, M Loibl, D Jeszenszky, D Haschtmann, P Banczerowski, ...
European spine journal 27, 700-708, 2018
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