Yaroslav Khimyak
Yaroslav Khimyak
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Conjugated microporous poly (aryleneethynylene) networks
JX Jiang, F Su, A Trewin, CD Wood, NL Campbell, H Niu, C Dickinson, ...
Angewandte Chemie 119 (45), 8728, 2007
Synthetic control of the pore dimension and surface area in conjugated microporous polymer and copolymer networks
JX Jiang, F Su, A Trewin, CD Wood, H Niu, JTA Jones, YZ Khimyak, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (24), 7710-7720, 2008
A water‐stable porphyrin‐based metal–organic framework active for visible‐light photocatalysis
A Fateeva, PA Chater, CP Ireland, AA Tahir, YZ Khimyak, PV Wiper, ...
Angewandte Chemie-German Edition 124 (30), 7558, 2012
Porous, fluorescent, covalent triazine-based frameworks via room-temperature and microwave-assisted synthesis
S Ren, MJ Bojdys, R Dawson, A Laybourn, YZ Khimyak, DJ Adams, ...
Adv. Mater 24 (17), 2357-2361, 2012
Hydrogen storage in microporous hypercrosslinked organic polymer networks
CD Wood, B Tan, A Trewin, H Niu, D Bradshaw, MJ Rosseinsky, ...
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Triazine‐based graphitic carbon nitride: a two‐dimensional semiconductor
G Algara‐Siller, N Severin, SY Chong, T Björkman, RG Palgrave, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (29), 7450-7455, 2014
A guest-responsive fluorescent 3D microporous metal− organic framework derived from a long-lifetime pyrene core
KC Stylianou, R Heck, SY Chong, J Bacsa, JTA Jones, YZ Khimyak, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (12), 4119-4130, 2010
Functionalized conjugated microporous polymers
R Dawson, A Laybourn, R Clowes, YZ Khimyak, DJ Adams, AI Cooper
Macromolecules 42 (22), 8809-8816, 2009
Bulk superconductivity at 38 K in a molecular system
AY Ganin, Y Takabayashi, YZ Khimyak, S Margadonna, A Tamai, ...
Nature materials 7 (5), 367-371, 2008
An adaptable peptide-based porous material
J Rabone, YF Yue, SY Chong, KC Stylianou, J Bacsa, D Bradshaw, ...
Science 329 (5995), 1053-1057, 2010
Metal–organic conjugated microporous polymers
JX Jiang, C Wang, A Laybourn, T Hasell, R Clowes, YZ Khimyak, J Xiao, ...
Angewandte Chemie 123 (5), 1104-1107, 2011
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R Dawson, A Laybourn, YZ Khimyak, DJ Adams, AI Cooper
Macromolecules 43 (20), 8524-8530, 2010
Conjugated microporous poly (phenylene butadiynylene) s
JX Jiang, F Su, H Niu, CD Wood, NL Campbell, YZ Khimyak, AI Cooper
Chemical communications, 486-488, 2008
Functional conjugated microporous polymers: from 1, 3, 5-benzene to 1, 3, 5-triazine
S Ren, R Dawson, A Laybourn, J Jiang, Y Khimyak, DJ Adams, AI Cooper
Polymer Chemistry 3 (4), 928-934, 2012
Initial stages of propane activation over Zn/MFI catalyst studied by in situ NMR and IR spectroscopic techniques
YG Kolyagin, VV Ordomsky, YZ Khimyak, AI Rebrov, F Fajula, II Ivanova
Journal of Catalysis 238 (1), 122-133, 2006
Framework functionalisation triggers metal complex binding
MJ Ingleson, JP Barrio, JB Guilbaud, YZ Khimyak, MJ Rosseinsky
Chemical communications, 2680-2682, 2008
Microporous poly (tri (4-ethynylphenyl) amine) networks: synthesis, properties, and atomistic simulation
JX Jiang, A Trewin, F Su, CD Wood, H Niu, JTA Jones, YZ Khimyak, ...
Macromolecules 42 (7), 2658-2666, 2009
Synthesis of hierarchically porous silica and metal oxide beads using emulsion-templated polymer scaffolds
H Zhang, GC Hardy, YZ Khimyak, MJ Rosseinsky, AI Cooper
Chemistry of materials 16 (22), 4245-4256, 2004
Microporous copolymers for increased gas selectivity
R Dawson, T Ratvijitvech, M Corker, A Laybourn, YZ Khimyak, AI Cooper, ...
Polymer Chemistry 3 (8), 2034-2038, 2012
Solid acid catalysts based on H3PW12O40 heteropoly acid: Acid and catalytic properties at a gas–solid interface
AM Alsalme, PV Wiper, YZ Khimyak, EF Kozhevnikova, IV Kozhevnikov
Journal of Catalysis 276 (1), 181-189, 2010
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