Gabriela Ambrozic
Gabriela Ambrozic
Department of Physics, Centre for Micro and Nano Sciences and Technologies, University of Rijeka
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The synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles from zinc acetylacetonate hydrate and 1-butanol or isobutanol
G Ambrožič, SD Škapin, M Žigon, ZC Orel
Journal of colloid and interface science 346 (2), 317-323, 2010
Interplay between nematic ordering and thermomechanical response in a side-chain liquid single crystal elastomer containing pendant azomesogen units
V Domenici, G Ambrožič, M Čopič, A Lebar, I Drevenšek-Olenik, P Umek, ...
Polymer 50 (20), 4837-4844, 2009
Density Functional Calculation of the 2D Potential Surface and Deuterium Isotope Effect on 13C Chemical Shifts in Picolinic Acid N-Oxide. Comparison with …
J Stare, A Jezierska, G Ambrožič, IJ Košir, J Kidric, A Koll, J Mavri, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (13), 4437-4443, 2004
Strong intramolecular hydrogen bonds. Part I. Vibrational frequencies of the OH group in some picolinic acid N-oxides predicted from DFT calculated potentials and located in …
J Stare, J Mavri, G Ambrožič, D Hadži
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM 500 (1-3), 429-440, 2000
Micropatterning of light-sensitive liquid-crystal elastomers
M Devetak, B Zupančič, A Lebar, P Umek, B Zalar, V Domenici, ...
Physical Review E 80 (5), 050701, 2009
Supramolecular liquid‐crystalline polyurethane
G Ambrožič, M Žigon
Macromolecular rapid communications 21 (1), 53-56, 2000
Microwave-assisted non-aqueous synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles
Materiali in tehnologije 45 (3), 173-177, 2011
The double role of p-toluenesulfonic acid in the formation of ZnO particles with different morphologies
G Ambrožič, I Djerdj, SD Škapin, M Žigon, ZC Orel
CrystEngComm 12 (6), 1862-1868, 2010
Liquid‐Crystalline Complexes of Polyurethane Containing an Isonicotinamide Moiety with 4‐Dodecyloxybenzoic Acid
G Ambrožič, J Mavri, M Žigon
Macromolecular chemistry and physics 203 (2), 439-447, 2002
Hydrogen bonding in complex of serine with histidine: computational and spectroscopic study of model compounds
R Vianello, B Kovačević, G Ambrožič, J Mavri, ZB Maksić
Chemical physics letters 400 (1-3), 117-121, 2004
Hydrogen‐bonded polyurethane complexes based on 4‐alkoxybenzoic acids as the low molar mass components
G Ambrožič, M Žigon
Polymer international 54 (3), 606-613, 2005
Kinetics of holographic recording and spontaneous erasure processes in light-sensitive liquid crystal elastomers
M Gregorc, H Li, V Domenici, G Ambrožič, M Čopič, I Drevenšek-Olenik
Materials 5 (5), 741-753, 2012
The formation of zinc oxide nanoparticles from zinc acetylacetonate hydrate in tert-butanol: A comparative mechanistic study with isomeric C4 alcohols as the media
G Ambrožič, SD Škapin, M Žigon, ZC Orel
Materials research bulletin 46 (12), 2497-2501, 2011
Optical properties of light-sensitive liquid-crystal elastomers in the vicinity of the nematic-paranematic phase transition
M Gregorc, H Li, V Domenici, G Ambrožič, M Čopič, I Drevenšek-Olenik
Physical Review E 87 (2), 022507, 2013
Depth profile of optically recorded patterns in light-sensitive liquid-crystal elastomers
M Gregorc, B Zalar, V Domenici, G Ambrožič, I Drevenšek-Olenik, M Fally, ...
Physical Review E 84 (3), 031707, 2011
Hydrogen-bonded liquid-crystalline polyurethane complexes with 4-dodecyloxybenzoic acid
G Ambrožič, M Žigon
Acta Chim. Slov 52, 207-214, 2005
Controlling the grain size of polycrystalline TiO2 films grown by atomic layer deposition
IK Piltaver, R Peter, I Šarić, K Salamon, IJ Badovinac, K Koshmak, ...
Applied Surface Science 419, 564-572, 2017
Nanocrystalline hybrid inorganic–organic one-dimensional chain systems tailored with 2-and 3-phenyl ring monocarboxylic acids
I Djerdj, J Popović, J Stare, G Ambrožič, SD Škapin, B Kozlevčar, D Pajić, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (20), 10255-10265, 2012
Supramolecular Polymers.
M Zigon, G Ambrozic
Materials and Technology 37 (5), 231-236, 2003
Poly (zinc dimethacrylate) as a precursor in the low-temperature formation of ZnO nanoparticles
G Ambrožič, SD Škapin, M Žigon, ZC Orel
Journal of colloid and interface science 360 (2), 370-376, 2011
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