fasma diele
fasma diele
Istituto per Applicazioni del Calcolo IAC, Bari (già Istituto per Ricerche di Matematica Applicata
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Optimality, computation, and interpretation of nonnegative matrix factorizations (2004)
M Chu, F Diele, R Plemmons, S Ragni
URL http://www. wfu. edu/~ plemmons/papers/chu_ple. pdf, 0
The Cayley transform in the numerical solution of unitary differential systems
F Diele, L Lopez, R Peluso
Advances in computational mathematics 8 (4), 317-334, 1998
A mathematical model for the sulphur dioxide aggression to calcium carbonate stones: Numerical approximation and asymptotic analysis
D Aregba-Driollet, F Diele, R Natalini
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 64 (5), 1636-1667, 2004
Splitting and composition methods for explicit time dependence in separable dynamical systems
S Blanes, F Diele, C Marangi, S Ragni
Journal of computational and applied mathematics 235 (3), 646-659, 2010
The use of the factorization of five-diagonal matrices by tridiagonal Toeplitz matrices
F Diele, L Lopez
Applied mathematics letters 11 (3), 61-69, 1998
Gradient flow methods for matrix completion with prescribed eigenvalues
MT Chu, F Diele, I Sgura
Linear algebra and its applications 379, 85-112, 2004
Error estimates for polynomial Krylov approximations to matrix functions
F Diele, I Moret, S Ragni
SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications 30 (4), 1546-1565, 2009
Uniform air velocity field for a bioventing system design: some numerical results
F Diele, F Notarnicola, I Sgura
International Journal of Engineering Science 40 (11), 1199-1210, 2002
One step semi-explicit methods based on the Cayley transform for solving isospectral flows
F Diele, L Lopez, T Politi
Journal of computational and applied mathematics 89 (2), 219-223, 1998
On the dynamics of a generalized predator–prey system with Z-type control
D Lacitignola, F Diele, C Marangi, A Provenzale
Mathematical biosciences 280, 10-23, 2016
Using awareness to Z-control a SEIR model with overexposure: Insights on Covid-19 pandemic
D Lacitignola, F Diele
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 150, 111063, 2021
GeCo: Geometric Conservative nonstandard schemes for biochemical systems
A Martiradonna, G Colonna, F Diele
Applied Numerical Mathematics 155, 38-57, 2020
Optimal control of invasive species through a dynamical systems approach
CM Baker, F Diele, D Lacitignola, C Marangi, A Martiradonna
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 49, 45-70, 2019
Optimal spatiotemporal effort allocation for invasive species removal incorporating a removal handling time and budget
CM Baker, F Diele, C Marangi, A Martiradonna, S Ragni
Natural Resource Modeling 31 (4), e12190, 2018
IMSP schemes for spatially explicit models of cyclic populations and metapopulation dynamics
F Diele, C Marangi, S Ragni
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 100, 41-53, 2014
Numerical analysis of a first-order in time implicit-symplectic scheme for predator–prey systems
F Diele, M Garvie, C Trenchea
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 74 (5), 948-961, 2017
Exponential Lawson integration for nearly Hamiltonian systems arising in optimal control
F Diele, C Marangi, S Ragni
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 81 (5), 1057-1067, 2011
On the inverse problem of constructing symmetric pentadiagonal Toeplitz matrices from their three largest eigenvalues
MT Chu, F Diele, S Ragni
Inverse problems 21 (6), 1879, 2005
On some inverse eigenvalue problems with Toeplitz-related structure
F Diele, T Laudadio, N Mastronardi
SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications 26 (1), 285-294, 2004
Geometric numerical integration in ecological modelling
F Diele, C Marangi
Mathematics 8 (1), 25, 2019
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