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Selma Kanazir
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Synapsins: mosaics of shared and individual domains in a family of synaptic vesicle phosphoproteins
TC Südhof, AJ Czernik, HT Kao, K Takei, PA Johnston, A Horiuchi, ...
Science 245 (4925), 1474-1480, 1989
Amyloid β oligomers disrupt blood–CSF barrier integrity by activating matrix metalloproteinases
M Brkic, S Balusu, E Van Wonterghem, N Gorlé, I Benilova, A Kremer, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (37), 12766-12778, 2015
Potential mechanism of cell death in the developing rat brain induced by propofol anesthesia
V Pešić, D Milanović, N Tanić, J Popić, S Kanazir, V Jevtović-Todorović, ...
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Induced Resistance in the Human Non Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NCI-H460) Cell Line In Vitro by Anticancer Drugs
M Pesic, JZ Markovic, D Jankovic, S Kanazir, ID Markovic, L Rakic, ...
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Effects of aging, dietary restriction and glucocorticoid treatment on housekeeping gene expression in rat cortex and hippocampus—evaluation by real time RT-PCR
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α-Synuclein is expressed in different tissues during human fetal development
S Baltic, M Perovic, A Mladenovic, N Raicevic, S Ruzdijic, L Rakic, ...
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Loss of cathepsin B and L leads to lysosomal dysfunction, NPC-like cholesterol sequestration and accumulation of the key Alzheimer's proteins
S Cermak, M Kosicek, A Mladenovic-Djordjevic, K Smiljanic, S Kanazir, ...
PLoS One 11 (11), e0167428, 2016
BDNF transcripts, proBDNF and proNGF, in the cortex and hippocampus throughout the life span of the rat
M Perovic, V Tesic, A Mladenovic Djordjevic, K Smiljanic, ...
Age 35, 2057-2070, 2013
6-Hydroxydopamine increases the level of TNFα and bax mRNA in the striatum and induces apoptosis of dopaminergic neurons in hemiparkinsonian rats
A Mladenović, M Perović, N Raičević, S Kanazir, L Rakić, S Ruždijić
Brain research 996 (2), 237-245, 2004
Propofol-Induced Changes in Neurotrophic Signaling in the Developing Nervous System In Vivo
J Popic, V Pesic, D Milanovic, S Todorovic, S Kanazir, ...
PLoS One 7 (4), e34396, 2012
Caloric restriction suppresses microglial activation and prevents neuroapoptosis following cortical injury in rats
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Regional and temporal profiles of calpain and caspase-3 activities in postnatal rat brain following repeated propofol administration
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Long-term dietary restriction modulates the level of presynaptic proteins in the cortex and hippocampus of the aging rat
AM Djordjevic, M Perovic, V Tesic, N Tanic, L Rakic, S Ruzdijic, S Kanazir
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Characterization of 9L glioma model of the Wistar rat
M Stojiljkovic, V Piperski, M Dacevic, L Rakic, S Ruzdijic, S Kanazir
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Expression profiles of cholesterol metabolism-related genes are altered during development of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in the rat spinal cord
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Aging induces tissue-specific changes in cholesterol metabolism in rat brain and liver
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GAP-43 mRNA expression in early development of human nervous system
S Kanazir, S Ruzdijic, S Vukosavic, S Ivkovic, A Milosevic, N Zecevic, ...
Molecular brain research 38 (1), 145-155, 1996
Propofol anesthesia induces proapoptotic tumor necrosis factor‐α and pro‐nerve growth factor signaling and prosurvival Akt and XIAP expression in neonatal rat brain
D Milanović, V Pešić, J Popić, N Tanić, S Kanazir, V Jevtović‐Todorović, ...
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Neuron-specific phosphoproteins as models for neuronal gene expression
LJ DeGennaro, SD Kanazir, WC Wallace, RM Lewis, P Greengard
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8-Cl-cAMP affects glioma cell-cycle kinetics and selectively induces apoptosis
O Grbovic, V Jovic, S Ruzdijic, V Pejanovic, L Rakic, S Kanazir
Cancer investigation 20 (7-8), 972-982, 2002
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