Davor Dolar
Davor Dolar
Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb
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Removal of emerging contaminants from municipal wastewater with an integrated membrane system, MBR–RO
D Dolar, M Gros, S Rodriguez-Mozaz, J Moreno, J Comas, ...
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D Dolar, K Košutić
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D Ašperger, S Babić, DM Pavlović, D Dolar, K Košutić, AJM Horvat, ...
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Rendering plant wastewater reclamation by coagulation, sand filtration, and ultrafiltration
M Racar, D Dolar, M Farkaš, N Milčić, A Špehar, K Košutić
Chemosphere 227, 207-215, 2019
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