Rene Bernays
Rene Bernays
Professor für Neurochirurgie Universität Zürich
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Pituitary apoplexy: re-evaluation of risk factors for bleeding into pituitary adenomas and impact on outcome
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Clinical assessment of a novel antiadhesion barrier gel: prospective, randomized, multicenter, clinical trial of ADCON-L to inhibit postoperative peridural fibrosis and related …
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Histological yield, complications, and technological considerations in 114 consecutive frameless stereotactic biopsy procedures aided by open intraoperative magnetic resonance …
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Bevacizumab may improve quality of life, but not overall survival in glioblastoma: an epidemiological study
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Cerebellar stem cells act as medulloblastoma-initiating cells in a mouse model and a neural stem cell signature characterizes a subset of human medulloblastomas
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Afferents to the rat red nucleus studied by means ofd-[3H] aspart ate,[3H] choline and non-selective tracers
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Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy boost after post-operative radiotherapy in patients with high-grade gliomas
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Intraoperative high frequency ultrasound in intracerebral high-grade tumors
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Intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging-guided transsphenoidal surgery for giant pituitary adenomas
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Hydrocephalus in 389 patients with aneurysm-associated subarachnoid hemorrhage
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Excessively high soluble Klotho in patients with acromegaly
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Soluble α-klotho: a novel serum biomarker for the activity of GH-producing pituitary adenomas
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The transnasal transclival approach for clivus chordoma
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Intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging–assisted transsphenoidal pituitary surgery in patients with acromegaly
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Target definition and trajectory optimization for interactive MR‐guided biopsies of brain tumors in an open configuration MRI system
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Antibiotic-impregnated versus silver-bearing external ventricular drainage catheters: preliminary results in a randomized controlled trial
KML Winkler, CM Woernle, M Seule, U Held, RL Bernays, E Keller
Neurocritical care 18, 161-165, 2013
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