Dibyendu Das
Dibyendu Das
Physics Department, IIT Bombay
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First passage of a particle in a potential under stochastic resetting: A vanishing transition of optimal resetting rate
S Ahmad, I Nayak, A Bansal, A Nandi, D Das
Physical Review E 99 (2), 022130, 2019
Particles sliding on a fluctuating surface: phase separation and power laws
D Das, M Barma
Physical review letters 85 (8), 1602, 2000
Spatial Structures and Giant Number Fluctuations in Models of Active Matter
S Dey, D Das, R R.
Physical Review Letters 108, 238001, 2012
Fluctuation-dominated phase ordering driven by stochastically evolving surfaces: Depth models and sliding particles
D Das, M Barma, SN Majumdar
Physical Review E 64 (4), 046126, 2001
Violation of the porod law in a freely cooling granular gas in one dimension
M Shinde, D Das, R Rajesh
Physical review letters 99 (23), 234505, 2007
Energy decay in Three-dimensional freely cooling granular gas
SN Pathak, Z Jabeen, D Das, R Rajesh
Physical Review Letters 112, 038001, 2014
Weak and strong dynamic scaling in a one-dimensional driven coupled-field model: Effects of kinematic waves
D Das, A Basu, M Barma, S Ramaswamy
Physical Review E 64 (2), 021402, 2001
Binding of DNA-bending non-histone proteins destabilizes regular 30-nm chromatin structure
G Bajpai, I Jain, MM Inamdar, D Das, R Padinhateeri
PLoS Computational Biology 13, e1005365, 2017
Aggregate formation in a system of coagulating and fragmenting particles with mass-dependent diffusion rates
R Rajesh, D Das, B Chakraborty, M Barma
Physical Review E 66 (5), 056104, 2002
First passage of an active particle in the presence of passive crowders
A Biswas, JM Cruz, P Parmananda, D Das
Soft Matter 16 (26), 6138-6144, 2020
Rotational synchronization of camphor ribbons
J Sharma, I Tiwari, D Das, P Parmananda, VS Akella, V Pimienta
Physical Review E 99 (1), 012204, 2019
Persistence of randomly coupled fluctuating interfaces
SN Majumdar, D Das
Physical Review E 71 (3), 036129, 2005
Rotational synchronization of camphor ribbons in different geometries
J Sharma, I Tiwari, D Das, P Parmananda, V Pimienta
Physical Review E 101 (5), 052202, 2020
Collective force generated by multiple biofilaments can exceed the sum of forces due to individual ones
D Das, D Das, R Padinhateeri
New Journal of Physics 16, 063032, 2014
Equivalence of the freely cooling granular gas to the sticky gas
M Shinde, D Das, R Rajesh
Physical Review E 79 (2), 021303, 2009
Accurate statistics of a flexible polymer chain in shear flow
D Das, S Sabhapandit
Physical review letters 101 (18), 188301, 2008
Exact distribution of threshold crossing times for protein concentrations: Implication for biological timekeeping
K Rijal, A Prasad, A Singh, D Das
Physical Review Letters 128 (4), 048101, 2022
Theoretical estimates of exposure timescales of protein binding sites on DNA regulated by nucleosome kinetics
JJ Parmar, D Das, R Padinhateeri
Nucleic Acids Research 44, 1630, 2016
Lattice models for ballistic aggregation in one dimension
S Dey, D Das, R Rajesh
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 93 (4), 44001, 2011
Topological jamming and the glass transition in a frustrated system
B Chakraborty, D Das, J Kondev
The European Physical Journal E 9, 227-232, 2002
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