Thomas Joffre
Thomas Joffre
IPC - Centre Technique Industriel de la Plasturgie et des Composites
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Hyperelastic nanocellulose-reinforced hydrogel of high water content for ophthalmic applications
GK Tummala, T Joffre, VR Lopes, A Liszka, O Buznyk, N Ferraz, ...
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2 (11), 2072-2079, 2016
Strain-induced stiffening of nanocellulose-reinforced poly (vinyl alcohol) hydrogels mimicking collagenous soft tissues
GK Tummala, T Joffre, R Rojas, C Persson, A Mihranyan
Soft Matter 13 (21), 3936-3945, 2017
Swelling of cellulose fibres in composite materials: Constraint effects of the surrounding matrix
T Joffre, ELG Wernersson, A Miettinen, CLL Hendriks, EK Gamstedt
Composites science and technology 74, 52-59, 2013
Effects of defects on the tensile strength of short-fibre composite materials
T Joffre, A Miettinen, ELG Wernersson, P Isaksson, EK Gamstedt
Mechanics of Materials 75, 125-134, 2014
A method to measure moisture induced swelling properties of a single wood cell
T Joffre, P Isaksson, PJJ Dumont, SR Roscoat, S Sticko, L Orgéas, ...
Experimental Mechanics 56, 723-733, 2016
Modelling of the hygroelastic behaviour of normal and compression wood tracheids
T Joffre, RC Neagu, SL Bardage, EK Gamstedt
Journal of structural biology 185 (1), 89-98, 2014
Characterization of interfacial stress transfer ability in acetylation-treated wood fibre composites using X-ray microtomography
T Joffre, K Segerholm, C Persson, SL Bardage, CLL Hendriks, P Isaksson
Industrial Crops and Products 95, 43-49, 2017
X-ray micro-computed tomography investigation of fibre length degradation during the processing steps of short-fibre composites
T Joffre, A Miettinen, F Berthold, EK Gamstedt
Composites Science and Technology 105, 127-133, 2014
Trabecular deformations during screw pull-out: a micro-CT study of lapine bone
T Joffre, P Isaksson, P Procter, C Persson
Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 16, 1349-1359, 2017
Inline drift detection using monitoring systems and machine learning in selective laser melting
P Yadav, VK Singh, T Joffre, O Rigo, C Arvieu, E Le Guen, E Lacoste
Advanced Engineering Materials 22 (12), 2000660, 2020
A 3D in-situ investigation of the deformation in compressive loading in the thickness direction of cellulose fiber mats
T Joffre, O Girlanda, F Forsberg, F Sahlén, M Sjödahl, EK Gamstedt
Cellulose 22, 2993-3001, 2015
New insights into the mechanisms behind the strengthening of lignocellulosic fibrous networks with polyamines
A Marais, MS Magnusson, T Joffre, ELG Wernersson, L Wågberg
Cellulose 21, 3941-3950, 2014
A combined experimental and numerical method to estimate the elastic modulus of single trabeculae
D Wu, T Joffre, CÖ Mägi, SJ Ferguson, C Persson, P Isaksson
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 125, 104879, 2022
Analysis of the Micromechanical Deformation in Pressboard performed by X-ray Microtomography
O Girlanda, F Sahlén, T Joffre, EK Gamstedt, LE Schmidt, F Forsberg, ...
2015 IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC), 89-92, 2015
Laser Powder Bed Fusion printability of cobalt-free steel powders for manufacturing injection molds
Q Saby, JY Buffière, E Maire, T Joffre, J Bajolet, S Garabédian, P Vikner, ...
Additive Manufacturing 44, 102031, 2021
Effect of direct energy deposition parameters on morphology, residual stresses, density, and microstructure of 1.2709 maraging steel
K Aleksandr, S Ferdinando, R Joel, C Joel, M Jordan, J Thomas
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 117 (3-4 …, 2021
Development of a new tooling steel (l40) for laser powder bed fusion: influence of particle size distribution and powder atomization on mechanical performance
M Salandre, S Garabedian, G Gaillard, T Williamson, T Joffre
Advanced Engineering Materials 23 (9), 2100350, 2021
Microscopic strain fields at crack tips in porous materials analyzed by a gradient-enhanced elasticity theory
T Joffre, S Chen, P Isaksson
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 168, 160-173, 2016
Structure and mechanical behaviour of wood-fibre composites
T Joffre
Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, 2014
First steps of the melting of an amorphous polymer through a hot-end of a material extrusion additive manufacturing
S Marion, L Sardo, T Joffre, F Pigeonneau
Additive Manufacturing 65, 103435, 2023
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