Hugo Bellen
Hugo Bellen
Professor, Developmental biology, Genetics, and Neuroscience
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Math1: an essential gene for the generation of inner ear hair cells
NA Bermingham, BA Hassan, SD Price, MA Vollrath, N Ben-Arie, ...
Science 284 (5421), 1837-1841, 1999
Identification of Functional Elements and Regulatory Circuits by Drosophila modENCODE
modENCODE Consortium, S Roy, J Ernst, PV Kharchenko, P Kheradpour, ...
Science 330 (6012), 1787-1797, 2010
The BDGP gene disruption project: single transposon insertions associated with 40% of Drosophila genes
HJ Bellen, RW Levis, G Liao, Y He, JW Carlson, G Tsang, M Evans-Holm, ...
Genetics 167 (2), 761-781, 2004
Synaptic mitochondria are critical for mobilization of reserve pool vesicles at Drosophila neuromuscular junctions
P Verstreken, CV Ly, KJT Venken, TW Koh, Y Zhou, HJ Bellen
Neuron 47 (3), 365-378, 2005
P [acman]: a BAC transgenic platform for targeted insertion of large DNA fragments in D. melanogaster
KJT Venken, Y He, RA Hoskins, HJ Bellen
Science 314 (5806), 1747-1751, 2006
P-element-mediated enhancer detection: a versatile method to study development in Drosophila.
HJ Bellen, CJ O'Kane, C Wilson, U Grossniklaus, RK Pearson, ...
Genes & development 3 (9), 1288-1300, 1989
Math1 is essential for genesis of cerebellar granule neurons
N Ben-Arie, HJ Bellen, DL Armstrong, AE McCall, PR Gordadze, Q Guo, ...
Nature 390 (6656), 169-172, 1997
Glial lipid droplets and ROS induced by mitochondrial defects promote neurodegeneration
L Liu, K Zhang, H Sandoval, S Yamamoto, M Jaiswal, E Sanz, Z Li, J Hui, ...
Cell 160 (1), 177-190, 2015
MiMIC: a highly versatile transposon insertion resource for engineering Drosophila melanogaster genes
KJT Venken, KL Schulze, NA Haelterman, H Pan, Y He, M Evans-Holm, ...
Nature methods 8 (9), 737-743, 2011
Axon-glia interactions and the domain organization of myelinated axons requires neurexin IV/Caspr/Paranodin
MA Bhat, JC Rios, Y Lu, GP Garcia-Fresco, W Ching, MS Martin, J Li, ...
Neuron 30 (2), 369-383, 2001
A cis-regulatory map of the Drosophila genome
N Nègre, CD Brown, L Ma, CA Bristow, SW Miller, U Wagner, ...
Nature 471 (7339), 527-531, 2011
100 years of Drosophila research and its impact on vertebrate neuroscience: a history lesson for the future
HJ Bellen, C Tong, H Tsuda
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 11 (7), 514-522, 2010
Mutational analysis of Drosophila synaptotagmin demonstrates its essential role in Ca2+-activated neurotransmitter release
JT Littleton, M Stern, K Schulze, M Perin, HJ Bellen
Cell 74 (6), 1125-1134, 1993
Drosophila parkin mutants have decreased mass and cell size and increased sensitivity to oxygen radical stress
Y Pesah, T Pham, H Burgess, B Middlebrooks, P Verstreken, Y Zhou, ...
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 131 (9), 2183-2194, 2004
Senseless, a Zn finger transcription factor, is necessary and sufficient for sensory organ development in Drosophila
R Nolo, LA Abbott, HJ Bellen
Cell 102 (3), 349-362, 2000
Drosophila tools and assays for the study of human diseases
B Ugur, K Chen, HJ Bellen
Disease models & mechanisms 9 (3), 235-244, 2016
Position effects on eukaryotic gene expression
C Wilson, HJ Bellen, WJ Gehring
Annual review of cell biology 6 (1), 679-714, 1990
Synaptic vesicle size and number are regulated by a clathrin adaptor protein required for endocytosis
B Zhang, YH Koh, RB Beckstead, V Budnik, B Ganetzky, HJ Bellen
neuron 21 (6), 1465-1475, 1998
Hrs regulates endosome membrane invagination and tyrosine kinase receptor signaling in Drosophila
TE Lloyd, R Atkinson, MN Wu, Y Zhou, G Pennetta, HJ Bellen
Cell 108 (2), 261-269, 2002
Genetic manipulation of genes and cells in the nervous system of the fruit fly
KJT Venken, JH Simpson, HJ Bellen
Neuron 72 (2), 202-230, 2011
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