Thomas Wittenberg
Thomas Wittenberg
Chief Scientist Fraunhofer IIS and FAU Erlangen
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The prediction of breast cancer biopsy outcomes using two CAD approaches that both emphasize an intelligible decision process
M Elter, R Schulz‐Wendtland, T Wittenberg
Medical physics 34 (11), 4164-4172, 2007
Functional imaging of vocal fold vibration: digital multislice high-speed kymography
T Wittenberg, M Tigges, P Mergell, U Eysholdt
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Direct evaluation of high-speed recordings of vocal fold vibrations
U Eysholdt, M Tigges, T Wittenberg, U Pröschel
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Recording, processing, and analysis of digital high-speed sequences in glottography
T Wittenberg, M Moser, M Tigges, U Eysholdt
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Review of free software tools for image analysis of fluorescence cell micrographs
V Wiesmann, D Franz, C Held, C Münzenmayer, R Palmisano, ...
Journal of microscopy 257 (1), 39-53, 2015
Stitching and surface reconstruction from endoscopic image sequences: a review of applications and methods
T Bergen, T Wittenberg
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Imaging of vocal fold vibration by digital multi-plane kymography
M Tigges, T Wittenberg, P Mergell, U Eysholdt
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Automated polyp detection in the colorectum: a prospective study (with videos)
P Klare, C Sander, M Prinzen, B Haller, S Nowack, M Abdelhafez, ...
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Characterizing mammographic images by using generic texture features
L Häberle, F Wagner, PA Fasching, SM Jud, K Heusinger, CR Loehberg, ...
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High-speed imaging: applications and development
S Hertegård, H Larsson, T Wittenberg
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Segmentation of leukocytes and erythrocytes in blood smear images
T Bergen, D Steckhan, T Wittenberg, T Zerfass
2008 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2008
Observation and modelling of glottal biphonation
M Tigges, P Mergell, H Herzel, T Wittenberg, U Eysholdt
Acta Acustica united with Acustica 83 (4), 707-714, 1997
Illumination apparatus for an image sensing means at the distal end of an endoscope
K Spinnler, C Arnold, A Kuleschow, S Rupp, T Wittenberg, R Couronné
US Patent 9,192,290, 2015
Association of mammographic density with hormone receptors in invasive breast cancers: Results from a case‐only study
K Heusinger, SM Jud, L Häberle, CC Hack, BR Adamietz, ...
International journal of cancer 131 (11), 2643-2649, 2012
Mammographic density as a risk factor for breast cancer in a German case–control study
K Heusinger, CR Loehberg, L Haeberle, SM Jud, P Klingsiek, A Hein, ...
European Journal of Cancer Prevention 20 (1), 1-8, 2011
High-speed digital imaging of neoglottic vibration after total laryngectomy
CJ van As, M Tigges, T Wittenberg, BMRO de Coul, U Eysholdt, ...
Archives of Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery 125 (8), 891-897, 1999
Phonation onset: vocal fold modeling and high-speed glottography
P Mergell, H Herzel, T Wittenberg, M Tigges, U Eysholdt
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 104 (1), 464-470, 1998
Automatic stuttering recognition using hidden Markov models.
E Nöth, H Niemann, T Haderlein, M Decher, U Eysholdt, F Rosanowski, ...
INTERSPEECH, 65-68, 2000
Automatic adaptive enhancement for images obtained with fiberscopic endoscopes
C Winter, S Rupp, M Elter, C Munzenmayer, H Gerhauser, T Wittenberg
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Association of mammographic density with the proliferation marker Ki-67 in a cohort of patients with invasive breast cancer
K Heusinger, SM Jud, L Häberle, CC Hack, PA Fasching, ...
Breast cancer research and treatment 135 (3), 885-892, 2012
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