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Site-specific Kondo effect at ambient temperatures in iron-based molecules
L Gao, W Ji, YB Hu, ZH Cheng, ZT Deng, Q Liu, N Jiang, X Lin, W Guo, ...
Physical review letters 99 (10), 106402, 2007
The Role of Ru and RuO2 in the Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation of 5‐Hydroxymethylfurfural for the Production of 2,5‐Dimethylfuran
J Jae, W Zheng, AM Karim, W Guo, RF Lobo, DG Vlachos
ChemCatChem 6 (3), 848-856, 2014
On the behavior of Brønsted-Evans-Polanyi relations for transition metal oxides
A Vojvodic, F Calle-Vallejo, W Guo, S Wang, A Toftelund, F Studt, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 134 (24), 2011
Effects of correlated parameters and uncertainty in electronic-structure-based chemical kinetic modelling
JE Sutton, W Guo, MA Katsoulakis, DG Vlachos
Nature chemistry 8, 331-337, 2016
Intrinsic current-voltage properties of nanowires with four-probe scanning tunneling microscopy: A conductance transition of ZnO nanowire
X Lin, XB He, TZ Yang, W Guo, DX Shi, HJ Gao, DDD Ma, ST Lee, F Liu, ...
Applied Physics Letters 89 (4), 2006
Patched bimetallic surfaces are active catalysts for ammonia decomposition
W Guo, DG Vlachos
Nature Communications 6, 8619, 2015
Ultralow-temperature photochemical synthesis of atomically dispersed Pt catalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
H Wei, H Wu, K Huang, B Ge, J Ma, J Lang, D Zu, M Lei, Y Yao, W Guo, ...
Chemical Science, 2019
Robust ferroelectricity in two-dimensional SbN and BiP
C Liu, W Wan, J Ma, W Guo, Y Yao
Nanoscale 10 (17), 7984-7990, 2018
On the structure sensitivity of direct NO decomposition over low-index transition metal facets
H Falsig, J Shen, TS Khan, W Guo, G Jones, S Dahl, T Bligaard
Topics in Catalysis 57, 80-88, 2014
Direct immobilization of an atomically dispersed Pt catalyst by suppressing heterogeneous nucleation at− 40° C
K Huang, R Wang, H Wu, H Wang, X He, H Wei, S Wang, R Zhang, M Lei, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (45), 25779-25784, 2019
From Type-II Triply Degenerate Nodal Points and Three-Band Nodal Rings to Type-II Dirac Points in Centrosymmetric Zirconium Oxide
TT Zhang, ZM Yu, W Guo, D Shi, G Zhang, Y Yao
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (23), 5792-5797, 2017
Surface Ti3+/ Ti4+ Redox Shuttle Enhancing Photocatalytic H2 Production in Ultrathin TiO2 Nanosheets/CdSe Quantum Dots
Y Ji, W Guo, H Chen, L Zhang, S Chen, M Hua, Y Long, Z Chen
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (48), 27053-27059, 2015
Rapid thermal annealing toward high-quality 2D cobalt fluoride oxide as an advanced oxygen evolution electrocatalyst
K Huang, Z Zhao, H Du, P Du, H Wang, R Wang, S Lin, H Wei, Y Long, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 (18), 6905-6913, 2020
Heterodimensional superlattice with in-plane anomalous Hall effect
J Zhou, W Zhang, YC Lin, J Cao, Y Zhou, W Jiang, H Du, B Tang, J Shi, ...
Nature 609 (7925), 46-51, 2022
Design principles of heteroepitaxial bimetallic catalysts
W Guo, M Stamatakis, DG Vlachos
ACS Catalysis 3 (10), 2248-2255, 2013
Defect enhanced CoP/Reduced graphene oxide electrocatalytic hydrogen production with pt-like activity
Z Chen, H Wu, J Li, Y Wang, W Guo, C Cao, Z Chen
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 265, 118576, 2020
Direct imaging of molecular orbitals of metal phthalocyanines on metal surfaces with an O 2-functionalized tip of a scanning tunneling microscope
Z Cheng, S Du, W Guo, L Gao, Z Deng, N Jiang, H Guo, H Tang, HJ Gao
Nano Research 4 (6), 523-530, 2011
High resolution scanning-tunneling-microscopy imaging of individual molecular orbitals by eliminating the effect of surface charge
ZH Cheng, SX Du, N Jiang, YY Zhang, W Guo, WA Hofer, HJ Gao
Surface Science 605 (3-4), 415-418, 2011
Optical properties and applications of SnS2 SAs with different thickness
M Liu, H Wu, X Liu, Y Wang, M Lei, W Liu, W Guo, Z Wei
Opto-Electronic Advances 4 (10), 200029, 2021
Bandgap broadening at grain boundaries in single-layer MoS2
D Wang, H Yu, L Tao, W Xiao, P Fan, T Zhang, M Liao, W Guo, D Shi, ...
Nano Research, 1-8, 2018
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