Soham Dan
Soham Dan
IBM Research
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Generalized planning in pddl domains with pretrained large language models
T Silver, S Dan, K Srinivas, JB Tenenbaum, L Kaelbling, M Katz
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 38 (18), 20256 …, 2024
Cross-modal map learning for vision and language navigation
G Georgakis, K Schmeckpeper, K Wanchoo, S Dan, E Miltsakaki, D Roth, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2022
Identifying and characterizing truck stops from GPS data
R Aziz, M Kedia, S Dan, S Basu, S Sarkar, S Mitra, P Mitra
Advances in Data Mining. Applications and Theoretical Aspects: 16th …, 2016
Techniques for generating a psychographic profile
K Jaidka, VK Bokam, S Dan, AR Sinha, Y Singh
US Patent 10,878,433, 2020
On the effects of transformer size on in-and out-of-domain calibration
S Dan, D Roth
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EMNLP 2021, 2096-2101, 2021
From spatial relations to spatial configurations
S Dan, P Kordjamshidi, J Bonn, A Bhatia, J Cai, M Palmer, D Roth
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.09557, 2020
Towards problem solving agents that communicate and learn
A Narayan-Chen, C Graber, M Das, MR Islam, S Dan, S Natarajan, ...
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Language Grounding for Robotics, 95-103, 2017
AppTechMiner: mining applications and techniques from scientific articles
M Singh, S Dan, S Agarwal, P Goyal, A Mukherjee
Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Mining Scientific …, 2017
Learning from noisy similar and dissimilar data
S Dan, H Bao, M Sugiyama
Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases. Research Track …, 2021
Understanding spatial relations through multiple modalities
S Dan, H He, D Roth
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.09551, 2020
Goodness-of-fit tests for inhomogeneous random graphs
S Dan, BB Bhattacharya
International Conference on Machine Learning, 2335-2344, 2020
Variance reduced stochastic proximal algorithm for auc maximization
S Dan, D Sahoo
Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases. Research Track …, 2021
Human-guided collaborative problem solving: A natural language based framework
H Kokel, M Das, R Islam, J Bonn, J Cai, S Dan, A Narayan-Chen, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2207.09566, 2022
Understanding robust generalization in learning regular languages
S Dan, O Bastani, D Roth
International Conference on Machine Learning, 4630-4643, 2022
Generalization in instruction following systems
S Dan, M Zhou, D Roth
Proceedings of the 2021 Conference of the North American Chapter of the …, 2021
Segmenting highway network based on speed profiles
R Aziz, M Kedia, S Dan, S Sarkar, S Mitra, P Mitra
2015 IEEE 18th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation …, 2015
Formally specifying the high-level behavior of LLM-based agents
M Crouse, I Abdelaziz, K Basu, S Dan, S Kumaravel, A Fokoue, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.08535, 2023
One arrow, two kills: A unified framework for achieving optimal regret guarantees in sleeping bandits
P Gaillard, A Saha, S Dan
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 7755-7773, 2023
Which techniques does your application use?: An information extraction framework for scientific articles
S Dan, S Agarwal, M Singh, P Goyal, A Mukherjee
arXiv preprint arXiv:1608.06386, 2016
Compositional Generalization in Neuro-Symbolic Visual Question Answering
A Dahlgren, S Dan
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2023 Workshop on …, 2023
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