Barun Ghosh
Barun Ghosh
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Physics, Northeastern University
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Electric field induced gap modification in ultrathin blue phosphorus
B Ghosh, S Nahas, S Bhowmick, A Agarwal
Physical Review B 91 (11), 115433, 2015
Realization of an intrinsic ferromagnetic topological state in MnBi8Te13
C Hu, L Ding, KN Gordon, B Ghosh, HJ Tien, H Li, AG Linn, SW Lien, ...
Science advances 6 (30), eaba4275, 2020
Layer Hall effect in a 2D topological axion antiferromagnet
A Gao, YF Liu, C Hu, JX Qiu, C Tzschaschel, B Ghosh, SC Ho, D Bérubé, ...
Nature 595 (7868), 521-525, 2021
3D Dirac Plasmons in the Type-II Dirac Semimetal
A Politano, G Chiarello, B Ghosh, K Sadhukhan, CN Kuo, CS Lue, ...
Physical Review Letters 121 (8), 086804, 2018
SnP3: A Previously Unexplored Two-Dimensional Material
B Ghosh, S Puri, A Agarwal, S Bhowmick
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (31), 18185-18191, 2018
Observation of bulk states and spin-polarized topological surface states in transition metal dichalcogenide Dirac semimetal candidate
B Ghosh, D Mondal, CN Kuo, CS Lue, J Nayak, J Fujii, I Vobornik, ...
Physical Review B 100 (19), 195134, 2019
Anisotropic plasmons, excitons, and electron energy loss spectroscopy of phosphorene
B Ghosh, P Kumar, A Thakur, YS Chauhan, S Bhowmick, A Agarwal
Physical Review B 96 (3), 035422, 2017
Transition‐Metal Dichalcogenide NiTe2: An Ambient‐Stable Material for Catalysis and Nanoelectronics
S Nappini, DW Boukhvalov, G D'Olimpio, L Zhang, B Ghosh, CN Kuo, ...
Advanced Functional Materials, 2000915, 2020
Electric-field tunable Dirac semimetal state in phosphorene thin films
B Ghosh, B Singh, R Prasad, A Agarwal
Physical Review B 94 (20), 205426, 2016
High-frequency rectifiers based on type-II Dirac fermions
L Zhang, Z Chen, K Zhang, L Wang, H Xu, L Han, W Guo, Y Yang, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 1584, 2021
First-principles cluster expansion study of functionalization of black phosphorene via fluorination and oxidation
S Nahas, B Ghosh, S Bhowmick, A Agarwal
Physical Review B 93 (16), 165413, 2016
Intrinsic magnetism in monolayer transition metal trihalides: A comparative study
S Tomar, B Ghosh, S Mardanya, P Rastogi, BS Bhadoria, YS Chauhan, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 489, 165384, 2019
Topological Hourglass Dirac Semimetal in the Nonpolar Phase of
B Singh, B Ghosh, C Su, H Lin, A Agarwal, A Bansil
Physical Review Letters 121 (22), 226401, 2018
Tunable spin polarization and electronic structure of bottom-up synthesized materials
R Islam, B Ghosh, C Autieri, S Chowdhury, A Bansil, A Agarwal, B Singh
Physical Review B 104 (20), L201112, 2021
Temperature-dependent electronic structure in a higher-order topological insulator candidate
S Regmi, MM Hosen, B Ghosh, B Singh, G Dhakal, C Sims, B Wang, ...
Physical Review B 102 (16), 165153, 2020
Saddle-point Van Hove singularity and dual topological state in
B Ghosh, S Mardanya, B Singh, X Zhou, B Wang, TR Chang, C Su, H Lin, ...
Physical Review B 100 (23), 235101, 2019
Two-Dimensional MoSi2N4: An Excellent 2-D Semiconductor for Field-Effect Transistors
K Nandan, B Ghosh, A Agarwal, S Bhowmick, YS Chauhan
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 69 (1), 406-413, 2021
Broadband excitation spectrum of bulk crystals and thin layers of
B Ghosh, F Alessandro, M Zappia, R Brescia, CN Kuo, CS Lue, ...
Physical Review B 99 (4), 045414, 2019
Topological states in superlattices of HgTe class of materials for engineering three-dimensional flat bands
R Islam, B Ghosh, G Cuono, A Lau, W Brzezicki, A Bansil, A Agarwal, ...
Physical Review Research 4 (2), 023114, 2022
Terahertz Photodetection with Type‐II Dirac Fermions in Transition‐Metal Ditellurides and Their Heterostructures
L Zhang, C Guo, CN Kuo, H Xu, K Zhang, B Ghosh, J De Santis, ...
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 15 (8), 2100212, 2021
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