Rayees U. H. Mattoo
Rayees U. H. Mattoo
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Hsp110 is a bona fide chaperone using ATP to unfold stable misfolded polypeptides and reciprocally collaborate with Hsp70 to solubilize protein aggregates
RUH Mattoo, SK Sharma, S Priya, A Finka, P Goloubinoff
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (29), 21399-21411, 2013
Meta-analysis of heat-and chemically upregulated chaperone genes in plant and human cells
A Finka, RUH Mattoo, P Goloubinoff
Cell Stress and Chaperones 16 (1), 15-31, 2011
Molecular chaperones are nanomachines that catalytically unfold misfolded and alternatively folded proteins
RUH Mattoo, P Goloubinoff
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 71, 3311-3325, 2014
Experimental milestones in the discovery of molecular chaperones as polypeptide unfolding enzymes
A Finka, RUH Mattoo, P Goloubinoff
Annual review of biochemistry 85, 715-742, 2016
Stable α-synuclein oligomers strongly inhibit chaperone activity of the Hsp70 system by weak interactions with J-domain co-chaperones
MP Hinault, AFH Cuendet, RUH Mattoo, M Mensi, G Dietler, HA Lashuel, ...
Journal of biological chemistry 285 (49), 38173-38182, 2010
GroEL and CCT are catalytic unfoldases mediating out-of-cage polypeptide refolding without ATP
S Priya, SK Sharma, V Sood, RUH Mattoo, A Finka, A Azem, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (18), 7199-7204, 2013
Synthesis, characterization and anti-bacterial activity of 5-(alkenyl)-2-amino-and 2-(alkenyl)-5-phenyl-1, 3, 4-oxadiazoles
MR Banday, RH Mattoo, A Rauf
Journal of chemical sciences 122, 177-182, 2010
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Long-Chain Hydrazones.
A Rauf, MR Banday, RH Mattoo
Acta Chimica Slovenica 55 (2), 2008
Biophysical characterization of two different stable misfolded monomeric polypeptides that are chaperone-amenable substrates
A Natalello, RUH Mattoo, S Priya, SK Sharma, P Goloubinoff, SM Doglia
Journal of molecular biology 425 (7), 1158-1171, 2013
Comparative study of the micellar and antimicrobial activity of gemini-conventional surfactants in pure and mixed micelles
MS Sheikh, AJ Khanam, RH Matto
Journal of Surfactants and Detergents 16 (4), 503-508, 2013
Mediator structure and conformation change
H Zhang, DH Chen, RUH Mattoo, DA Bushnell, Y Wang, C Yuan, L Wang, ...
Molecular Cell 81 (8), 1781-1788. e4, 2021
A novel antimicrobial triterpenic acid from the leaves of Ficus benjamina (var. comosa)
M Parveen, RM Ghalib, SH Mehdi, RUH Mattu, M Ali
Journal of Saudi chemical society 13 (3), 287-290, 2009
Synergism between a foldase and an unfoldase: reciprocal dependence between the thioredoxin-like activity of DnaJ and the polypeptide-unfolding activity of DnaK
RUH Mattoo, A Farina Henriquez Cuendet, S Subanna, A Finka, S Priya, ...
Frontiers in molecular biosciences 1, 7, 2014
A recombinant chimeric protein of protective antigen and lethal factor from Bacillus anthracis in polymeric nanocapsules showed a strong immune response in mice: a potential …
Z Aziziaram, RUH Mattoo
Cellular and Molecular Biology 68 (3), 1-8, 2022
Recruiting unfolding chaperones to solubilize Misfolded Recombinant proteins
RUH Mattoo, P Goloubinoff
Protein Aggregation in Bacteria: Functional and Structural Properties of …, 2014
Mechanistic insights into cytosolic molecular chaperones in protein unfolding and disaggregation
RUH Mattoo
Université de Lausanne, Faculté de biologie et médecine, 2014
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