Melinda Duer
Melinda Duer
Reader in Biological and Biomedical Chemistry, University of Cambridge
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Solid state NMR spectroscopy: principles and applications
MJ Duer
John Wiley & Sons, 2008
Introduction to solid-state NMR spectroscopy
MJ Duer
Oxford, UK, 2004
Ion‐and liquid‐assisted grinding: improved mechanochemical synthesis of metal–organic frameworks reveals salt inclusion and anion templating
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NMR crystallography
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Site‐Directed Surface Derivatization of MCM‐41: Use of High‐Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy and Molecular Recognition for Determining the Position of Functionality …
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SE Ashbrook, MJ Duer
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V André, A Hardeman, I Halasz, RS Stein, GJ Jackson, DG Reid, MJ Duer, ...
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Enforcing Ostwald's rule of stages: isolation of paracetamol forms III and II
JC Burley, MJ Duer, RS Stein, RM Vrcelj
European journal of pharmaceutical sciences 31 (5), 271-276, 2007
Towards an environmentally-friendly laboratory: dimensionality and reactivity in the mechanosynthesis of metal–organic compounds
V Štrukil, L Fábián, DG Reid, MJ Duer, GJ Jackson, M Eckert-Maksić, ...
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Probing the calcium and sodium local environment in bones and teeth using multinuclear solid state NMR and X-ray absorption spectroscopy
D Laurencin, A Wong, W Chrzanowski, JC Knowles, D Qiu, DM Pickup, ...
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Applications of NMR Crystallography to Problems in Biomineralization: Refinement of the Crystal Structure and 31P Solid-State NMR Spectral Assignment of …
E Davies, MJ Duer, SE Ashbrook, JM Griffin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (30), 12508-12515, 2012
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