Neil Zimmerman
Neil Zimmerman
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Accuracy of electron counting using a 7‐junction electron pump
MW Keller, JM Martinis, NM Zimmerman, AH Steinbach
Applied Physics Letters 69 (12), 1804-1806, 1996
A capacitance standard based on counting electrons
MW Keller, AL Eichenberger, JM Martinis, NM Zimmerman
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A Fujiwara, H Inokawa, K Yamazaki, H Namatsu, Y Takahashi, ...
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A Fujiwara, NM Zimmerman, Y Ono, Y Takahashi
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Electrical conductivity of xenon at megabar pressures
MI Eremets, EA Gregoryanz, VV Struzhkin, H Mao, RJ Hemley, N Mulders, ...
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Submicron gap capacitor for measurement of breakdown voltage in air
E Hourdakis, BJ Simonds, NM Zimmerman
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Excellent charge offset stability in a Si-based single-electron tunneling transistor
NM Zimmerman, WH Huber, A Fujiwara, Y Takahashi
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Correlation between microstructure, electronic properties and flicker noise in organic thin film transistors
OD Jurchescu, BH Hamadani, HD Xiong, SK Park, S Subramanian, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (13), 2008
Formation of strain-induced quantum dots in gated semiconductor nanostructures
T Thorbeck, NM Zimmerman
AIP Advances 5 (8), 2015
Modulation of the charge of a single-electron transistor by distant defects
NM Zimmerman, JL Cobb, AF Clark
Physical Review B 56 (12), 7675, 1997
Machine learning techniques for state recognition and auto-tuning in quantum dots
SS Kalantre, JP Zwolak, S Ragole, X Wu, NM Zimmerman, MD Stewart Jr, ...
npj Quantum Information 5 (1), 6, 2019
Electrical metrology with single electrons
NM Zimmerman, MW Keller
Measurement Science and Technology 14 (8), 1237, 2003
Uncertainty budget for the NIST electron counting capacitance standard, ECCS-1
MW Keller, NM Zimmerman, AL Eichenberger
Metrologia 44 (6), 505, 2007
Magnetic field tuned energy of a single two-level system in a meso-scopic metal
NM Zimmerman, B Golding, WH Haemmerle
Physical review letters 67 (10), 1322, 1991
Why the long-term charge offset drift in Si single-electron tunneling transistors is much smaller (better) than in metal-based ones: Two-level fluctuator stability
NM Zimmerman, WH Huber, B Simonds, E Hourdakis, A Fujiwara, Y Ono, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 104 (3), 2008
Microscopic Scatterer Displacements Generate the Resistance Noise of H in Pd
NM Zimmerman, WW Webb
Physical review letters 61 (7), 889, 1988
A seven-junction electron pump: design, fabrication, and operation
MW Keller, JM Martinis, AH Steinbach, NM Zimmerman
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Electrically driven spin qubit based on valley mixing
W Huang, M Veldhorst, NM Zimmerman, AS Dzurak, D Culcer
Physical Review B 95 (7), 075403, 2017
Charge offset stability in tunable-barrier Si single-electron tunneling devices
NM Zimmerman, BJ Simonds, A Fujiwara, Y Ono, Y Takahashi, H Inokawa
Applied Physics Letters 90 (3), 2007
Electrical breakdown in the microscale: Testing the standard theory
E Hourdakis, GW Bryant, NM Zimmerman
Journal of Applied Physics 100 (12), 2006
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