Sei Suzuki
Sei Suzuki
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Quantum Ising phases and transitions in transverse Ising models
S Suzuki, J Inoue, BK Chakrabarti
Springer, 2012
Long time dynamics following a quench in an integrable quantum spin chain: Local versus nonlocal operators and effective thermal behavior
D Rossini, S Suzuki, G Mussardo, GE Santoro, A Silva
Physical Review B 82 (14), 144302, 2010
Quenches and dynamical phase transitions in a nonintegrable quantum Ising model
S Sharma, S Suzuki, A Dutta
Physical Review B 92 (10), 104306, 2015
Probing the universality of topological defect formation in a quantum annealer: Kibble-Zurek mechanism and beyond
Y Bando, Y Susa, H Oshiyama, N Shibata, M Ohzeki, FJ Gómez-Ruiz, ...
Physical Review Research 2 (3), 033369, 2020
Residual energies after slow quantum annealing
S Suzuki, M Okada
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 74 (6), 1649-1652, 2005
Coherent quantum annealing in a programmable 2,000 qubit Ising chain
AD King, S Suzuki, J Raymond, A Zucca, T Lanting, F Altomare, ...
Nature Physics 18 (11), 1324-1328, 2022
Quantum annealing of the random-field Ising model by transverse ferromagnetic interactions
S Suzuki, H Nishimori, M Suzuki
Physical Review E 75 (5), 051112, 2007
Quantum annealing and related optimization methods
S Suzuki, M Okada
Lecture Notes in Physics 679, 207-238, 2005
Dynamics of decoherence: Universal scaling of the decoherence factor
S Suzuki, T Nag, A Dutta
Physical Review A 93 (1), 012112, 2016
Slow quench dynamics of the Kitaev model: Anisotropic critical point and effect of disorder
T Hikichi, S Suzuki, K Sengupta
Physical Review B 82 (17), 174305, 2010
Cooling dynamics of pure and random Ising chains
S Suzuki
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2009 (03), P03032, 2009
Quantum annealing of pure and random Ising chains coupled to a Bosonic environment
S Suzuki, H Oshiyama, N Shibata
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 88 (6), 061003, 2019
Quantum Monte Carlo study of molecular polarization and antiferroelectric ordering in squaric acid crystals
H Ishizuka, Y Motome, N Furukawa, S Suzuki
Physical Review B 84 (6), 064120, 2011
Kibble-Zurek mechanism in simulated annealing and quantum annealing
S Suzuki
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 302 (1), 012046, 2011
Quantum annealing: an overview
A Rajak, S Suzuki, A Dutta, BK Chakrabarti
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 381 (2241), 20210417, 2023
Complex semiclassical analysis of the Loschmidt amplitude and dynamical quantum phase transitions
T Obuchi, S Suzuki, K Takahashi
Physical Review B 95 (17), 174305, 2017
Kibble–Zurek mechanism in a dissipative transverse Ising chain
H Oshiyama, N Shibata, S Suzuki
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 89 (10), 104002, 2020
Quantum annealing: The fastest route to quantum computation?
S Suzuki, A Das
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 224, 1-4, 2015
Cluster analysis and Gaussian mixture estimation of correlated time-series by means of multi-dimensional scaling
T Ibuki, S Suzuki, J Inoue
Econophysics of systemic risk and network dynamics, 239-259, 2013
Hierarchical information cascade: visualization and prediction of human collective behaviour at financial crisis by using stock-correlation
T Ibuki, S Higano, S Suzuki, J Inoue
ASE Hum J 1 (2), 74-87, 2012
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