Jeffrey J. Gray
Jeffrey J. Gray
Johns Hopkins University, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering / Program in Molecular Biophysics
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ROSETTA3: an object-oriented software suite for the simulation and design of macromolecules
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JJ Gray
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PyRosetta: a script-based interface for implementing molecular modeling algorithms using Rosetta
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A comprehensive, high-resolution map of a gene’s fitness landscape
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JJ Gray
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RosettaAntibody: antibody variable region homology modeling server
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Conformer selection and induced fit in flexible backbone protein–protein docking using computational and NMR ensembles
S Chaudhury, JJ Gray
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Large-scale sequence and structural comparisons of human naive and antigen-experienced antibody repertoires
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Community-wide assessment of protein-interface modeling suggests improvements to design methodology
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Targeting the CoREST complex with dual histone deacetylase and demethylase inhibitors
JH Kalin, M Wu, AV Gomez, Y Song, J Das, D Hayward, N Adejola, M Wu, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-13, 2018
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