Gaia Neri
Gaia Neri
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A stable covalent organic framework for photocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction
Z Fu, X Wang, AM Gardner, X Wang, SY Chong, G Neri, AJ Cowan, L Liu, ...
Chemical science 11 (2), 543-550, 2020
ZnSe quantum dots modified with a Ni (cyclam) catalyst for efficient visible-light driven CO 2 reduction in water
MF Kuehnel, CD Sahm, G Neri, JR Lee, KL Orchard, AJ Cowan, ...
Chemical Science 9 (9), 2501-2509, 2018
Electrocatalytic CO 2 reduction with a membrane supported manganese catalyst in aqueous solution
JJ Walsh, G Neri, CL Smith, AJ Cowan
Chemical communications 50 (84), 12698-12701, 2014
A highly active nickel electrocatalyst shows excellent selectivity for CO 2 reduction in acidic media
G Neri, IM Aldous, JJ Walsh, LJ Hardwick, AJ Cowan
Chemical Science 7 (2), 1521-1526, 2016
Improving the efficiency of electrochemical CO 2 reduction using immobilized manganese complexes
JJ Walsh, CL Smith, G Neri, GFS Whitehead, CM Robertson, AJ Cowan
Faraday Discussions 183, 147-160, 2015
A functionalised nickel cyclam catalyst for CO 2 reduction: electrocatalysis, semiconductor surface immobilisation and light-driven electron transfer
G Neri, JJ Walsh, C Wilson, A Reynal, JYC Lim, X Li, AJP White, NJ Long, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (3), 1562-1566, 2015
Detection of catalytic intermediates at an electrode surface during carbon dioxide reduction by an earth-abundant catalyst
G Neri, JJ Walsh, G Teobaldi, PM Donaldson, AJ Cowan
Nature Catalysis 1 (12), 952-959, 2018
The Role of Electrode–Catalyst Interactions in Enabling Efficient CO2 Reduction with Mo(bpy)(CO)4 As Revealed by Vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation …
G Neri, PM Donaldson, AJ Cowan
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (39), 13791-13797, 2017
Photochemical CO 2 reduction in water using a co-immobilised nickel catalyst and a visible light sensitiser
G Neri, M Forster, JJ Walsh, CM Robertson, TJ Whittles, P Farràs, ...
Chemical communications 52 (99), 14200-14203, 2016
Water-Soluble Manganese Complex for Selective Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction to CO
JJ Walsh, G Neri, CL Smith, AJ Cowan
Organometallics 38 (6), 1224-1229, 2018
Directing the mechanism of CO 2 reduction by a Mn catalyst through surface immobilization
JJ Walsh, M Forster, CL Smith, G Neri, RJ Potter, AJ Cowan
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (10), 6811-6816, 2018
Strong Impact of Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding on the Cathodic Path of [Re(3,3′-dihydroxy-2,2′-bipyridine)(CO)3Cl] and Catalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
JO Taylor, G Neri, L Banerji, AJ Cowan, F Hartl
Inorganic Chemistry 59 (8), 5564-5578, 2020
In situ study of the low overpotential “dimer pathway” for electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction by manganese carbonyl complexes
G Neri, PM Donaldson, AJ Cowan
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (14), 7389-7397, 2019
Tuning the local chemical environment of ZnSe quantum dots with dithiols towards photocatalytic CO 2 reduction
CD Sahm, A Ciotti, E Mates-Torres, V Badiani, K Sokołowski, G Neri, ...
Chemical Science 13 (20), 5988-5998, 2022
Time-resolved Raman spectroscopy of polaron formation in a polymer photocatalyst
VL Piercy, KH Saeed, AW Prentice, G Neri, C Li, AM Gardner, Y Bai, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12 (44), 10899-10905, 2021
Noncovalent immobilization of a nickel cyclam catalyst on carbon electrodes for CO2 reduction using aqueous electrolyte
F Greenwell, G Neri, V Piercy, AJ Cowan
Electrochimica Acta 392, 139015, 2021
Hybrid photocathodes for carbon dioxide reduction: Interfaces for charge separation and selective catalysis
DA Garcia Osorio, G Neri, AJ Cowan
ChemPhotoChem 5 (7), 595-610, 2021
Hybrid photocathode based on a Ni molecular catalyst and Sb 2 Se 3 for solar H 2 production
DA Garcia-Osorio, TP Shalvey, L Banerji, K Saeed, G Neri, LJ Phillips, ...
Chemical Communications 59 (7), 944-947, 2023
A manganese complex on a gas diffusion electrode for selective CO 2 to CO reduction
C Eagle, G Neri, VL Piercy, K Younis, B Siritanaratkul, AJ Cowan
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 7 (9), 2301-2307, 2023
Band structure engineering of carbon nitride hybrid photocatalysts for CO 2 reduction in aqueous solutions
VL Piercy, G Neri, TD Manning, A Pugliese, F Blanc, RG Palgrave, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11 (34), 18356-18364, 2023
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