Yipeng Qin
Yipeng Qin
Senior Lecturer (~Associate Professor), School of Computer Science & Informatic, Cardiff University
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Image2stylegan: How to embed images into the stylegan latent space?
R Abdal, Y Qin, P Wonka
ICCV 2019 (Oral), 2019
Sean: Image synthesis with semantic region-adaptive normalization
P Zhu, R Abdal, Y Qin, P Wonka
CVPR 2020 (Oral), 2020
Image2stylegan++: How to edit the embedded images?
R Abdal, Y Qin, P Wonka
CVPR 2020, 2020
Improved stylegan embedding: Where are the good latents?
P Zhu, R Abdal, Y Qin, J Femiani, P Wonka
Technical Report, 2020
Fast and exact discrete geodesic computation based on triangle-oriented wavefront propagation
Y Qin, X Han, H Yu, Y Yu, J Zhang
SIGGRAPH 2016, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 35 (4), 1-13, 2016
A survey of algorithms for geodesic paths and distances
K Crane, M Livesu, E Puppo, Y Qin
Technical Report, 2020
Real-world blind super-resolution via feature matching with implicit high-resolution priors
C Chen, X Shi, Y Qin, X Li, X Han, T Yang, S Guo
ACM MM 2022 (Oral), 2022
How does lipschitz regularization influence GAN training?
Y Qin, N Mitra, P Wonka
ECCV 2020, 2020
Improved distribution matching for dataset condensation
G Zhao, G Li, Y Qin, Y Yu
CVPR 2023, 2023
Multi-level consistency learning for semi-supervised domain adaptation
Z Yan, Y Wu, G Li, Y Qin, X Han, S Cui
IJCAI 2022, 2022
Pixel-level intra-domain adaptation for semantic segmentation
Z Yan, X Yu, Y Qin, Y Wu, X Han, S Cui
ACM MM 2021, 2021
Reduced-Reference Quality Assessment of Point Clouds via Content-Oriented Saliency Projection
W Zhou, G Yue, R Zhang, Y Qin, H Liu
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 30, 354-358, 2023
Centrality and consistency: two-stage clean samples identification for learning with instance-dependent noisy labels
G Zhao, G Li, Y Qin, F Liu, Y Yu
ECCV 2022, 2022
MaWGAN: A generative adversarial network to create synthetic data from datasets with missing data
T Poudevigne-Durance, OD Jones, Y Qin
Electronics 11 (6), 837, 2022
Fast and Memory‐Efficient Voronoi Diagram Construction on Triangle Meshes
Y Qin, H Yu, J Zhang
SGP 2017, Computer Graphics Forum 36 (5), 93-104, 2017
Handwriting velcro: Endowing AR glasses with personalized and posture-adaptive text input using flexible touch sensor
F Fang, H Zhang, L Zhan, S Guo, M Zhang, J Lin, Y Qin, H Fu
IMWUT 6 (4), 1-31, 2023
PVSeRF: joint pixel-, voxel-and surface-aligned radiance field for single-image novel view synthesis
X Yu, J Tang, Y Qin, C Li, X Han, L Bao, S Cui
ACM MM 2022, 2022
Human posture tracking with flexible sensors for motion recognition
Z Chen, X Chen, Y Ma, S Guo, Y Qin, M Liao
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds 32 (5), e1993, 2021
Parametric implicit face representation for audio-driven facial reenactment
R Huang, P Lai, Y Qin, G Li
CVPR 2023, 2023
Robust elbow angle prediction with aging soft sensors via output-level domain adaptation
Z Zhu, S Guo, Y Qin, X Chen, R Wu, Y Shi, X Liu, M Liao
IEEE Sensors Journal 21 (20), 22976-22984, 2021
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