Costas Tsouris
Costas Tsouris
Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Georgia Institute of Technology (Environmental Engineering)
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Separation of CO2 from Flue Gas: A Review
D Aaron, C Tsouris
Separation science and technology 40 (1-3), 321-348, 2005
Breakage and coalescence models for drops in turbulent dispersions
C Tsouris, LL Tavlarides
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J Kim, C Tsouris, RT Mayes, Y Oyola, T Saito, CJ Janke, S Dai, ...
Separation Science and Technology 48 (3), 367-387, 2013
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C Tsouris, R Mayes, J Kiggans, K Sharma, S Yiacoumi, D DePaoli, S Dai
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Seawater uranium sorbents: preparation from a mesoporous copolymer initiator by atom‐transfer radical polymerization
Y Yue, RT Mayes, J Kim, PF Fulvio, XG Sun, C Tsouris, J Chen, S Brown, ...
Angewandte Chemie 125 (50), 13700-13704, 2013
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Understanding long-term changes in microbial fuel cell performance using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
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Uranium recovery from seawater: development of fiber adsorbents prepared via atom-transfer radical polymerization
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Drag coefficient and settling velocity for particles of cylindrical shape
J Gabitto, C Tsouris
Powder Technology 183 (2), 314-322, 2008
Process intensification-Has its time finally come?
C Tsouris
CEP 99, 50-55, 2003
Gas production from hydrate-bearing sediments: the role of fine particles
JW Jung, J Jang, JC Santamarina, C Tsouris, TJ Phelps, CJ Rawn
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CO2 hydrate composite for ocean carbon sequestration
S Lee, L Liang, D Riestenberg, OR West, C Tsouris, E Adams
Environmental science & technology 37 (16), 3701-3708, 2003
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