Rene Michel Rossi
Rene Michel Rossi
Lab Head, Empa, Adjunct Professor, ETH Zurich
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The relationship between skin function, barrier properties, and body‐dependent factors
AK Dąbrowska, F Spano, S Derler, C Adlhart, ND Spencer, RM Rossi
Skin Research and Technology 24 (2), 165-174, 2018
Fire fighting and its influence on the body
R Rossi
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Materials used to simulate physical properties of human skin
AK Dąbrowska, GM Rotaru, S Derler, F Spano, M Camenzind, ...
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Temperature‐responsive polymers with LCST in the physiological range and their applications in textiles
D Crespy, RM Rossi
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Moisture transport and absorption in multilayer protective clothing fabrics
C Keiser, C Becker, RM Rossi
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Embroidered electrode with silver/titanium coating for long-term ECG monitoring
M Weder, D Hegemann, M Amberg, M Hess, LF Boesel, R Abächerli, ...
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Superelastic multimaterial electronic and photonic fibers and devices via thermal drawing
Y Qu, T Nguyen‐Dang, AG Page, W Yan, T Das Gupta, GM Rotaru, ...
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Body‐Monitoring and health supervision by means of optical fiber‐based sensing systems in medical textiles
BM Quandt, LJ Scherer, LF Boesel, M Wolf, GL Bona, RM Rossi
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An optical fibre-based sensor for respiratory monitoring
M Krehel, M Schmid, RM Rossi, LF Boesel, GL Bona, LJ Scherer
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Prediction of human core body temperature using non-invasive measurement methods
R Niedermann, E Wyss, S Annaheim, A Psikuta, S Davey, RM Rossi
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Evaporative cooling: effective latent heat of evaporation in relation to evaporation distance from the skin
G Havenith, P Bröde, E Hartog, K Kuklane, I Holmer, RM Rossi, ...
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Quantitative evaluation of air gap thickness and contact area between body and garment
A Psikuta, J Frackiewicz-Kaczmarek, I Frydrych, R Rossi
Textile Research Journal 82 (14), 1405-1413, 2012
Digital twins are coming: Will we need them in supply chains of fresh horticultural produce?
T Defraeye, C Shrivastava, T Berry, P Verboven, D Onwude, S Schudel, ...
Trends in Food Science & Technology 109, 245-258, 2021
Temperature analysis for the prediction of steam formation and transfer in multilayer thermal protective clothing at low level thermal radiation
C Keiser, RM Rossi
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Thermal protective clothing for firefighters
G Song, S Mandal, R Rossi
Woodhead Publishing, 2016
Fragrance encapsulation in polymeric matrices by emulsion electrospinning
A Camerlo, C Vebert-Nardin, RM Rossi, AM Popa
European polymer journal 49 (12), 3806-3813, 2013
Water vapor transfer and condensation effects in multilayer textile combinations
RM Rossi, R Gross, H May
Textile Research Journal 74 (1), 1-6, 2004
Covalent immobilisation of VEGF on plasma-coated electrospun scaffolds for tissue engineering applications
AG Guex, D Hegemann, MN Giraud, HT Tevaearai, AM Popa, RM Rossi, ...
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 123, 724-733, 2014
Textile, physiological, and sensorial parameters in sock comfort
E Bertaux, S Derler, RM Rossi, X Zeng, L Koehl, V Ventenat
Textile Research Journal 80 (17), 1803-1810, 2010
Simultaneous detection of pH value and glucose concentrations for wound monitoring applications
DA Jankowska, MB Bannwarth, C Schulenburg, G Faccio, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 87, 312-319, 2017
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