Marija (Nujić) Stjepanović
Marija (Nujić) Stjepanović
Faculty of Food Technology Osijek
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Arsenic removal by nanoparticles: a review
M Habuda-Stanić, M Nujić
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 (11), 8094-8123, 2015
Nitrate removal from water by ion exchange
M Nujić, D Milinković, M Habuda-Stanić
Croatian journal of food science and technology 9 (2), 182-186, 2017
Biocatalytic reductions by plant tissue-Green alternative to alcohol production
D Gašo-Sokač, M Nujić, V Bušić, M Habuda-Stanić
Croatian journal of food science and technology 6 (1), 51-60, 2014
Arsenic preoxidation and its removal from groundwater using iron coagulants
M Habuda-Stanić, M Nujić, Ž Romić, A Lončarić, M Ergović Ravančić, ...
Desalination and Water Treatment 56 (8), 2105-2113, 2015
Nitrates and nitrites, metabolism and toxicity
M Nujić, M Habuda-Stanić
Food in Health and Disease, scientificprofessional journal of nutrition and …, 2017
Toxic Metal Ions in Drinking Water and Effective Removal Using Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite
M Nujić, M Habuda-Stanić
A New Generation Material Graphene: Applications in Water Technology, 373-395, 2019
Adsorptive removal of nitrate from wastewater using modified lignocellulosic waste material
M Stjepanović, N Velić, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 285, 535-544, 2019
Effects of activated carbon types on NOM removal effect from natural waters
M Habuda-Stanić, Ž Romić, M Nujić, V Santo, Z Kuvedžić
Technologica Acta 6 (1), 2013
Nitrate Removal from Water Using Surface-Modified Ultrafiltration Membranes
M Habuda-Stanić, M Nujić, V Santo
e-GFOS 5 (8), 67-72, 2014
Influence of mixing on efficiency of coagulation and flocculation process during groundwater treatment from" Jarčevac" water-well.
M Habuda-Stanić, M Nujić, G Mikić, Ž Romić, M Ivić
e-GFOS, 1-11, 2013
New trends in pollutants removal from water
M Stjepanović, U Novak, N Velić, M Habuda-Stanić
Strokovna konferenca SI-MUR-AT, 2019
Removal of Synthetic Dye Using a Low-cost Adsorbent: Column Studies
M Stjepanović, AM Dukarić, D Velić, TM Pavetić, N Velić
8th International Conference Water for all, 2019
Wastewater Treatment Generated From Food Industry
A Lončarić, T Kovač, M Stjepanović
8th International Conference Water for all, 2019
Amoxicillin removal by H2SO4-activated carbon produced from hazelnut shells
M Stjepanović, U Novak, N Velić, B Likozar
8. International Conference Water for all, 2019
Valorisation of Waste Wood Biomass as Biosorbent for the Removal of Synthetic Dye Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions
N Velić, M Stjepanović, L Begović, M Habuda-Stanić, D Velić, ...
South-east European forestry 9 (2), 115-122, 2018
Arsenic in Eastern Croatia–problems and solutions}}
I Čobanković, M Habuda-Stanić, A Penava, M Matijević, I Flanjak, ...
7. međunarodni znanstveno-stručni skup Voda za sve}}, 2018
Priprema tehnološke vode za industrijsku proizvodnju piva
A Lončarić, T Kovač, M Nujić, M Habuda-Stanić
7. međunarodni znanstveno-stručni skup Voda za sve, 177-187, 2018
Adsorptive removal of methylene blue using waste wood biomass as low-cost adsorbent
M Nujić, N Velić, T Lipovac, M Habuda-Stanić, L Begović, T Jakovljević
Natural resources green technology & sustainable development-GREEN/3, 2018
Nitrate removal from aqueous solution by modified biomass
M Nujić, M Habuda-Stanić
1st Young Scientist Day-PhD conference, 2018
Removal of natural organic matter (NOM) from water onto nutshell-based activated carbons
D Silov, L Dorić, M Nujić, ME Ravančić, M Habuda-Stanić
1st International Students' GREEN Conference, 2018
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