John Paul Shen
John Paul Shen
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Value locality and load value prediction
MH Lipasti, CB Wilkerson, JP Shen
Proceedings of the seventh international conference on Architectural support …, 1996
Die stacking (3D) microarchitecture
B Black, M Annavaram, N Brekelbaum, J DeVale, L Jiang, GH Loh, ...
2006 39th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture …, 2006
Exceeding the dataflow limit via value prediction
MH Lipasti, JP Shen
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Inductive fault analysis of MOS integrated circuits
JP Shen, W Maly, FJ Ferguson
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Modern processor design: fundamentals of superscalar processors
JP Shen, MH Lipasti
Waveland Press, 2013
Speculative precomputation: Long-range prefetching of delinquent loads
JD Collins, H Wang, DM Tullsen, C Hughes, YF Lee, D Lavery, JP Shen
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Mitigating Amdahl's law through EPI throttling
M Annavaram, E Grochowski, J Shen
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Extraction and simulation of realistic CMOS faults using inductive fault analysis
FJ Ferguson, JP Shen
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Dynamic speculative precomputation
JD Collins, DM Tullsen, H Wang, JP Shen
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A CMOS fault extractor for inductive fault analysis
FJ Ferguson, JP Shen
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Processor control flow monitoring using signatured instruction streams
Schuette, Shen
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Coming challenges in microarchitecture and architecture
R Ronen, A Mendelson, K Lai, SL Lu, F Pollack, JP Shen
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Method and apparatus for varying energy per instruction according to the amount of available parallelism
E Grochowski, J Shen, H Wang, D Orenstein, GS Sheaffer, R Ronen, ...
US Patent 7,437,581, 2008
Continuous signature monitoring: low-cost concurrent detection of processor control errors
K Wilken, JP Shen
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Best of both latency and throughput
E Grochowski, R Ronen, J Shen, H Wang
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Post-pass binary adaptation for software-based speculative precomputation
SSW Liao, PH Wang, H Wang, G Hoflehner, D Lavery, JP Shen
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Physical experimentation with prefetching helper threads on Intel's hyper-threaded processors
D Kim, SSW Liao, PH Wang, J Del Cuvillo, X Tian, X Zou, H Wang, ...
International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization, 2004. CGO 2004 …, 2004
Systematic characterization of physical defects for fault analysis of MOS IC cells
W Maly, FJ Ferguson, JP Shen
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Multiplexed-access scan testable integrated circuit
PP Fasang, JP Shen
US Patent 4,602,210, 1986
The design of easily testable VLSI array multipliers
Shen, Ferguson
IEEE Transactions on Computers 100 (6), 554-560, 1984
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