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H2o: Two hands manipulating objects for first person interaction recognition
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Independent Subspace Analysis for Unsupervised Learning of Disentangled Representations
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Variational inference for data-efficient model learning in pomdps
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Parallel generalized thresholding scheme for live dense geometry from a handheld camera
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Pushing the Limits of Simple Pipelines for Few-Shot Learning: External Data and Fine-Tuning Make a Difference
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A fast projection method for connectivity constraints in image segmentation
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System for predicting articulated object feature location
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Active online learning for interactive segmentation using sparse Gaussian processes
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Control system using autoencoder
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Tau like proteins reduce torque generation in microtubule bundles
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ISA-VAE: Independent subspace analysis with variational autoencoders
J Stühmer, R Turner, S Nowozin
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