Vladimir Paar
Vladimir Paar
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Coupling of a three-particle (hole) valence-shell cluster to quadrupole vibrations (Alaga model): The Z= 50 region: odd Ag and I isotopes; and the Z= 28 region: odd Mn and Ga …
V Paar
Nuclear Physics A 211 (1), 29-76, 1973
A parabolic rule for the energy dependence on x= I (I+ 1) for proton-neutron multiplets in odd-odd nuclei
V Paar
Nuclear Physics A 331 (1), 16-28, 1979
UNISOR and M. Vouk
V Paar, S Brant, LF Canto, G Leander
Nucl. Phys. A 378, 41, 1982
Broken isospin symmetry in the shell model and chaotic behavior
V Paar, D Vorkapić, K Heyde, AGM van Hees, AA Wolters
Physics Letters B 271 (1-2), 1-6, 1991
“Decoupled” and “strongly coupled” band patterns in the particle-vibration coupling model
G Alaga, V Paar
Physics Letters B 61 (2), 129-132, 1976
Diagramatic perturbation treatment of the effective interaction between two-photon states in closed shell nuclei: The Jπ= 0+ states in 208Pb
RA Broglia, V Paar, DR Bes
Physics Letters B 37 (2), 159-165, 1971
IBFFM yrast states in odd-odd nuclei associated withO(6) andSU(3) limits
S Brant, V Paar
Zeitschrift für Physik A Atomic Nuclei 329 (2), 151-159, 1988
Structure of theN=59 nucleus97Sr: coexistence of spherical and deformed states
G Lhersonneau, B Pfeiffer, KL Kratz, H Ohm, K Sistemich, S Brant, V Paar
Zeitschrift für Physik A Atomic Nuclei 337, 149-159, 1990
A simple explanation of the sign and magnitude of quadrupole moments in even-A Fe, Zn, Cd, Te and Hg isotopes
G Alaga, V Paar, V Lopac
Physics Letters B 43 (6), 459-462, 1973
An experimental and theoretical investigation of the structure of 210Pb
ER Flynn, GJ Igo, RA Broglia, S Landowne, V Paar, B Nilsson
Nuclear Physics A 195 (1), 97-118, 1972
HG B6mer, G. Barreau, H. Faust, Ch. Hofmeyer, K. Schreckenbach and RA Meyer
Y Tokunaga, H Seyfarth, OWB Schult, S Brant, V Paar, D Vretenar
Nucl. Phys. A 430, 269, 1984
and AB Balantekin
V Lopac, S Brant, V Paar, OWB Schult, H Seyfat
Z. Phys. A 323, 491, 1986
CENP-B box and pJα sequence distribution in human alpha satellite higher-order repeats (HOR)
M Rosandić, V Paar, I Basar, M Glunčić, N Pavin, I Pilaš
Chromosome research 14, 735-753, 2006
Bursts in average lifetime of transients for chaotic logistic map with a hole
V Paar, N Pavin
Physical Review E 55 (4), 4112, 1997
Low-lying levels and collective bands in doubly-odd 124Cs
A Gizon, J Timár, J Gizon, B Weiss, D Barnéoud, C Foin, J Genevey, ...
Nuclear Physics A 694 (1-2), 63-102, 2001
Zs. Podoly ak, R. Venturelli, and D. Vretenar
CM Petrache, S Brant, D Bazzacco, G Falconi, E Fornea, S Lunardi, ...
Nucl. Phys. A 635, 361, 1998
The solution of the “I= j− 1” anomaly for 107,109 Ag in the Alaga model
V Paar
Physics Letters B 39 (5), 587-590, 1972
Nuclear structure of 198Au studied with (n, γ) and (d, p) reactions and interpreted with the IBFFM
U Mayerhofer, T Von Egidy, P Durner, G Hlawatsch, J Klora, H Lindner, ...
Nuclear Physics A 492 (1), 1-22, 1989
Structure of high-spin states in 143Pm
H Prade, L Käubler, U Hagemann, HU Jäger, M Kirchbach, L Schneider, ...
Nuclear Physics A 333 (1), 33-66, 1980
Structure of nucleus
T Kibédi, Z Dombrádi, T Fényes, A Krasznahorkay, J Timár, Z Gácsi, ...
Physical Review C 37 (6), 2391, 1988
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