Neeta Vora
Neeta Vora
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Noninvasive prenatal testing and incidental detection of occult maternal malignancies
DW Bianchi, D Chudova, AJ Sehnert, S Bhatt, K Murray, TL Prosen, ...
Jama 314 (2), 162-169, 2015
Promises, pitfalls and practicalities of prenatal whole exome sequencing
S Best, K Wou, N Vora, IB Van der Veyver, R Wapner, LS Chitty
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Discordant noninvasive prenatal testing results in a patient subsequently diagnosed with metastatic disease.
CM Osborne, E Hardisty, P Devers, K Kaiser-Rogers, MA Hayden, ...
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Prenatal diagnosis: screening and diagnostic tools
LM Carlson, NL Vora
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Increased death of adipose cells, a path to release cell‐free DNA into systemic circulation of obese women
M Haghiac, NL Vora, S Basu, KL Johnson, L Presley, DW Bianchi, ...
Obesity 20 (11), 2213-2219, 2012
Prenatal exome sequencing in anomalous fetuses: new opportunities and challenges
NL Vora, B Powell, A Brandt, N Strande, E Hardisty, K Gilmore, ...
Genetics in Medicine 19 (11), 1207-1216, 2017
Whole exome sequencing: applications in prenatal genetics
AC Jelin, N Vora
Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics 45 (1), 69-81, 2018
A multi-factorial relationship exists between total circulating cell-free DNA levels and maternal BMI
KL JOHNSON, B Subhabrata, PM CATALANO, ...
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Reproductive issues for adults with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
N Vora, R Perrone, DW Bianchi
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Noninvasive prenatal testing for microdeletion syndromes and expanded trisomies: proceed with caution
NL Vora, BM O'Brien
Obstetrics & Gynecology 123 (5), 1097-1099, 2014
Increasing the diagnostic yield of exome sequencing by copy number variant analysis
DS Marchuk, K Crooks, N Strande, K Kaiser-Rogers, LV Milko, A Brandt, ...
PloS one 13 (12), e0209185, 2018
Genetic considerations in the prenatal diagnosis of overgrowth syndromes
N Vora, DW Bianchi
Prenatal Diagnosis: Published in Affiliation With the International Society …, 2009
Maternal obesity affects fetal neurodevelopmental and metabolic gene expression: a pilot study
AG Edlow, NL Vora, L Hui, HC Wick, JM Cowan, DW Bianchi
PloS one 9 (2), e88661, 2014
Cell-free DNA screening: complexities and challenges of clinical implementation
MR Grace, E Hardisty, SK Dotters-Katz, NL Vora, JA Kuller
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An approach to integrating exome sequencing for fetal structural anomalies into clinical practice
NL Vora, K Gilmore, A Brandt, C Gustafson, N Strande, L Ramkissoon, ...
Genetics in Medicine 22 (5), 954-961, 2020
International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis Position Statement: cell free (cf) DNA screening for Down syndrome in multiple pregnancies
GE Palomaki, RWK Chiu, MD Pertile, EA Sistermans, Y Yaron, ...
Prenatal diagnosis 41 (10), 1222-1232, 2020
Prenatal genetic considerations of congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT)
AN Talati, CM Webster, NL Vora
Prenatal diagnosis 39 (9), 679-692, 2019
An age-based framework for evaluating genome-scale sequencing results in newborn screening
LV Milko, JM O'Daniel, DM DeCristo, SB Crowley, AKM Foreman, ...
The Journal of pediatrics 209, 68-76, 2019
Fetal phenotypes emerge as genetic technologies become robust
KJ Gray, LE Wilkins‐Haug, NJ Herrig, NL Vora
Prenatal diagnosis 39 (9), 811-817, 2019
Maternal malignancy evaluation after discordant cell-free DNA results
LM Carlson, E Hardisty, CC Coombs, NL Vora
Obstetrics & Gynecology 131 (3), 464-468, 2018
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