John Hubbs
John Hubbs
Air Force Research Laboratory
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High performance long wavelength infrared mega-pixel focal plane array based on type-II superlattices
P Manurkar, S Ramezani-Darvish, BM Nguyen, M Razeghi, J Hubbs
Applied Physics Letters 97 (19), 193505, 2010
Unpolarized calibration and nonuniformity correction for long-wave infrared microgrid imaging polarimeters
DL Bowers, JK Boger, D Wellems, S Ortega, MP Fetrow, JE Hubbs, ...
Optical Engineering 47 (4), 046403, 2008
Radiation tolerance characterization of dual band InAs/GaSb type-II strain-layer superlattice pBp detectors using 63 MeV protons
VM Cowan, CP Morath, JE Hubbs, S Myers, E Plis, S Krishna
Applied Physics Letters 101 (25), 251108, 2012
Proton irradiation effects on the performance of III-V-based, unipolar barrier infrared detectors
CP Morath, VM Cowan, LA Treider, GD Jenkins, JE Hubbs
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 62 (2), 512-519, 2015
Lateral diffusion length changes in HgCdTe detectors in a proton environment
JE Hubbs, PW Marshall, CJ Marshall, ME Gramer, D Maestas, JP Garcia, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 54 (6), 2435-2443, 2007
Evaluation and display of polarimetric image data using long-wave cooled microgrid focal plane arrays
DL Bowers, JK Boger, LD Wellems, WT Black, SE Ortega, BM Ratliff, ...
Polarization: Measurement, Analysis, and Remote Sensing VII 6240, 118-127, 2006
Nonlinear response of quantum well infrared photodetectors under low-background and low-temperature conditions
JE Hubbs, DC Arrington, ME Gramer, GA Dole
Optical Engineering 39 (10), 2660-2671, 2000
Bidirectional transmittance distribution function measurements on ZnSe
EL Dereniak, LG Brod, JE Hubbs
Applied optics 21 (24), 4421-4425, 1982
Bidirectional reflectance distribution function of the Infrared Astronomical Satellite solar-shield material
JE Hubbs, LD Brooks, MJ Nofziger, FO Bartell, WL Wolfe
Applied optics 21 (18), 3323-3325, 1982
Measurement of the radiometric and polarization characteristics of a microgrid polarizer infrared focal plane array
JE Hubbs, ME Gramer, D Maestas-Jepson, GA Dole, M Fetrow, D Bowers, ...
Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays VIII 6295, 71-83, 2006
Proton-induced transients and charge collection measurements in a LWIR HgCdTe focal plane array
PW Marshall, JE Hubbs, DC Arrington, CJ Marshall, RA Reed, G Gee, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 50 (6), 1968-1973, 2003
Nonlinear response of QWIP detectors: summary of data from four manufacturers
DC Arrington, JE Hubbs, ME Gramer, GA Dole
Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays VI 4028, 288-299, 2000
Impact of excess low-frequency noise (ELFN) in Si: As impurity band conduction (IBC) focal plane arrays for astronomical applications
DC Arrington, JE Hubbs, ME Gramer, GA Dole
Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays V 3379, 361-370, 1998
Evaluation of space radiation effects on HgCdTe avalanche photodiode arrays for lidar applications
X Sun, JB Abshire, JM Lauenstein, W Sullivan III, J Beck, JE Hubbs
Infrared Technology and Applications XLIV 10624, 91-102, 2018
Total ionizing dose and proton radiation characterization of si pin visible hybrid focal plane arrays
JE Hubbs, ME Gramer, DC Arrington, GA Dole, D Maestas-Jepson, ...
Focal Plane Arrays for Space Telescopes II 5902, 128-142, 2005
Distribution of proton-induced transients in silicon focal plane arrays
CL Howe, RA Weller, RA Reed, BD Sierawski, PW Marshall, CJ Marshall, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 54 (6), 2444-2449, 2007
Radiation effects characterization of infrared focal plane arrays using the Mosaic array test system
JE Hubbs, GA Dole, DC Arrington, ME Gramer
Optical Engineering 30 (11), 1739-1744, 1991
Measurements of Martin Black at~ 10 μm
FO Bartell, JE Hubbs, MJ Nofziger, WL Wolfe
Applied Optics 21 (17), 3178-3180, 1982
The impact of radiation hardened by design (RHBD) techniques on the performance of readout integrated circuits in radiation environments
JE Hubbs, ME Gramer, D Maestas-Jepson, GA Dole, A Hahn
Nanophotonics and Macrophotonics for Space Environments II 7095, 80-91, 2008
Characterization of quantum well infrared photodetectors for the low-background environment
DC Arrington, JE Hubbs, ME Gramer, GA Dole, A Singh
Electrochem. Soc. Proc, 98-21, 1999
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