Krijn Paaijmans
Krijn Paaijmans
Assistant Professor
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Impact of daily temperature fluctuations on dengue virus transmission by Aedes aegypti
L Lambrechts, KP Paaijmans, T Fansiri, LB Carrington, LD Kramer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (18), 7460-7465, 2011
Influence of climate on malaria transmission depends on daily temperature variation
KP Paaijmans, S Blanford, AS Bell, JI Blanford, AF Read, MB Thomas
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (34), 15135-15139, 2010
Optimal temperature for malaria transmission is dramatically lower than previously predicted
EA Mordecai, KP Paaijmans, LR Johnson, C Balzer, T Ben‐Horin, ...
Ecology letters 16 (1), 22-30, 2013
Understanding the link between malaria risk and climate
KP Paaijmans, AF Read, MB Thomas
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Temperature variation makes ectotherms more sensitive to climate change
KP Paaijmans, RL Heinig, RA Seliga, JI Blanford, S Blanford, CC Murdock, ...
Global change biology 19 (8), 2373-2380, 2013
An entomopathogenic fungus for control of adult African malaria mosquitoes
EJ Scholte, K Ng'habi, J Kihonda, W Takken, K Paaijmans, S Abdulla, ...
Science 308 (5728), 1641-1642, 2005
The effect of temperature on Anopheles mosquito population dynamics and the potential for malaria transmission
LM Beck-Johnson, WA Nelson, KP Paaijmans, AF Read, MB Thomas, ...
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Unexpected high losses of Anopheles gambiae larvae due to rainfall
KP Paaijmans, MO Wandago, AK Githeko, W Takken
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Implications of temperature variation for malaria parasite development across Africa
JI Blanford, S Blanford, RG Crane, ME Mann, KP Paaijmans, ...
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Relevant microclimate for determining the development rate of malaria mosquitoes and possible implications of climate change
KP Paaijmans, SS Imbahale, MB Thomas, W Takken
A longitudinal study on Anopheles mosquito larval abundance in distinct geographical and environmental settings in western Kenya
SS Imbahale, KP Paaijmans, WR Mukabana, R van Lammeren, ...
Malaria Journal 10 (1), 81, 2011
The influence of mosquito resting behaviour and associated microclimate for malaria risk
KP Paaijmans, MB Thomas
Malar J 10 (183), 10.1186, 2011
Warmer temperatures reduce the vectorial capacity of malaria mosquitoes
KP Paaijmans, S Blanford, BHK Chan, MB Thomas
Biology Letters 8, 465-468, 2012
Complex effects of temperature on mosquito immune function
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The effect of water turbidity on the near-surface water temperature of larval habitats of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae
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International journal of biometeorology 52 (8), 747-753, 2008
Mapping physiological suitability limits for malaria in Africa under climate change
SJ Ryan, A McNally, LR Johnson, EA Mordecai, T Ben-Horin, ...
Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 15 (12), 718-725, 2015
Rethinking vector immunology: the role of environmental temperature in shaping resistance
CC Murdock, KP Paaijmans, D Cox-Foster, AF Read, MB Thomas
Nature Reviews Microbiology 10 (12), 869-876, 2012
The importance of temperature fluctuations in understanding mosquito population dynamics and malaria risk
LM Beck-Johnson, WA Nelson, KP Paaijmans, AF Read, MB Thomas, ...
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Egg hatching, larval movement and larval survival of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae in desiccating habitats
C Koenraadt, KP Paaijmans, AK Githeko, BGJ Knols, W Takken
Malaria Journal 2 (1), 20, 2003
Understanding uncertainty in temperature effects on vector-borne disease: a Bayesian approach
LR Johnson, T Ben-Horin, KD Lafferty, A McNally, E Mordecai, ...
Ecology 96 (1), 203-213, 2015
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