Ahmad Al-omari
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Solving Large Nonlinear Systems of First-Order Ordinary Differential Equations With Hierarchical Structure Using Multi-GPGPUs and an Adaptive Runge Kutta ODE Solver
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Solving Nonlinear Systems of First Order Ordinary Differential Equations Using a Galerkin Finite Element Method
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An OpenCL-based parallel acceleration of a Sobel edge detection algorithm Using Intel FPGA technology
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Discovering Regulators in Post-Transcriptional Control of the Biological Clock of Using Variable Topology Ensemble Methods on GPUs
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On the Need for Healthcare Informatics Training among Medical Doctors in Jordan: A Pilot Study
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The macroscopic limit to synchronization of cellular clocks in single cells of Neurospora crassa
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Discovering regulatory motifs of genetic networks using the indexing-tree based algorithm: a parallel implementation
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Big Data Bot with a Special Reference to Bioinformatics.
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Finding Regulatory Motifs of Genetic Networks Using Cut-Sort Algorithm
A AL-omari, M Tawalbeh, A Almomany
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Discovering a regulatory network topology by Markov Chain Monte-Carlo on GPGPUs with special reference to the biological clock of Neurospora crassa
AM Al-Omari Sr
University of Georgia, 2015
Parallel strategies for identifying genetic networks describing the biological clock using GPUs
A Al-omari, T Taha, J Arnold, HB Schuttler
2 IEEE AccessTM Associate Editors 3 IEEE AccessTM Editorial Board 13 A Biped Gait Learning Algorithm for Humanoid Robots Based on Environmental Impact Assessed Artificial Bee …
THS Li, PH Kuo, YF Ho, MC Kao, LH Tai, A Al-Omari, J Griffith, M Judge, ...
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