Jan-Karl Burkhardt
Jan-Karl Burkhardt
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Penn Medicine
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Development and validation of outcome prediction models for aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage: the SAHIT multinational cohort study
BNR Jaja, G Saposnik, HF Lingsma, E Macdonald, KE Thorpe, ...
Bmj 360, 2018
Middle meningeal artery embolization for chronic subdural hematoma: a multi-center experience of 154 consecutive embolizations
P Kan, GA Maragkos, A Srivatsan, V Srinivasan, J Johnson, JK Burkhardt, ...
Neurosurgery 88 (2), 268-277, 2021
Predictors of in-hospital death after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: analysis of a nationwide database (Swiss SOS [Swiss Study on Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage])
MN Stienen, M Germans, JK Burkhardt, MC Neidert, C Fung, D Bervini, ...
Stroke 49 (2), 333-340, 2018
Intra-arterial delivery of bevacizumab after blood-brain barrier disruption for the treatment of recurrent glioblastoma: progression-free survival and overall survival
JK Burkhardt, H Riina, BJ Shin, P Christos, K Kesavabhotla, CP Hofstetter, ...
World neurosurgery 77 (1), 130-134, 2012
Reductions in brain pericytes are associated with arteriovenous malformation vascular instability
EA Winkler, H Birk, JK Burkhardt, X Chen, JK Yue, D Guo, WC Rutledge, ...
Journal of neurosurgery 129 (6), 1464-1474, 2018
Pericyte degeneration and acellular capillaries are increased in the feet of human diabetic patients
RG Tilton, AM Faller, JK Burkhardt, PL Hoffmann, C Kilo, JR Williamson
Diabetologia 28, 895-900, 1985
Extent of resection and radiotherapy in GBM: A 1973 to 2007 surveillance, epidemiology and end results analysis of 21,783 patients
PO Zinn, RR Colen, EM Kasper, JK Burkhardt
International journal of oncology 42 (3), 929-934, 2013
68Gallium-DOTATATE PET in meningioma: A reliable predictor of tumor growth rate?
M Sommerauer, JK Burkhardt, K Frontzek, E Rushing, A Buck, ...
Neuro-oncology 18 (7), 1021-1027, 2016
Surgical outcomes using a medial-to-lateral endonasal endoscopic approach to pituitary adenomas invading the cavernous sinus
GF Woodworth, KS Patel, B Shin, JK Burkhardt, AJ Tsiouris, ED McCoul, ...
Journal of neurosurgery 120 (5), 1086-1094, 2014
Subdural drainage versus subperiosteal drainage in burr-hole trepanation for symptomatic chronic subdural hematomas
D Bellut, CM Woernle, JK Burkhardt, RA Kockro, H Bertalanffy, ...
World neurosurgery 77 (1), 111-118, 2012
A comparative effectiveness study of patient-rated and radiographic outcome after 2 types of decompression with fusion for spondylotic myelopathy: anterior cervical discectomy …
JK Burkhardt, AF Mannion, S Marbacher, PA Dolp, TF Fekete, ...
Neurosurgical focus 35 (1), E4, 2013
Protein phosphatase 2A mediates dormancy of glioblastoma multiforme-derived tumor stem-like cells during hypoxia
CP Hofstetter, JK Burkhardt, BJ Shin, DB Gürsel, L Mubita, R Gorrepati, ...
PloS one 7 (1), e30059, 2012
Long-term patency in cerebral revascularization surgery: an analysis of a consecutive series of 430 bypasses
S Yoon, JK Burkhardt, MT Lawton
Journal of neurosurgery 131 (1), 80-87, 2018
Intraoperative high frequency ultrasound in intracerebral high-grade tumors
C Serra, A Stauffer, B Actor, JK Burkhardt, NHB Ulrich, RL Bernays, ...
Ultraschall in der Medizin-European Journal of Ultrasound, E306-E312, 2012
Neurosurgical venous considerations for tumors of the pineal region resected using the infratentorial supracerebellar approach
T Kodera, O Bozinov, O Sürücü, NH Ulrich, JK Burkhardt, H Bertalanffy
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Incidence and outcome of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: the Swiss Study on Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (Swiss SOS)
B Schatlo, C Fung, MN Stienen, AR Fathi, J Fandino, NR Smoll, ...
Stroke 52 (1), 344-347, 2021
Hydrocephalus in 389 patients with aneurysm-associated subarachnoid hemorrhage
CM Woernle, KML Winkler, JK Burkhardt, SR Haile, D Bellut, MC Neidert, ...
Journal of clinical neuroscience 20 (6), 824-826, 2013
Pituitary surgery and volumetric assessment of extent of resection: a paradigm shift in the use of intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging
C Serra, JK Burkhardt, G Esposito, O Bozinov, A Pangalu, A Valavanis, ...
Neurosurgical focus 40 (3), E17, 2016
Current clinical management of brainstem cavernomas
O Bozinov, T Hatano, JK Burkhardt, J Sarnthein, H Bertalanffy
Swiss medical weekly 140 (4748), w13120-w13120, 2010
Microsurgical clipping of ophthalmic artery aneurysms: surgical results and visual outcomes with 208 aneurysms
T Kamide, H Tabani, MM Safaee, JK Burkhardt, MT Lawton
Journal of Neurosurgery 129 (6), 1511-1521, 2018
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