Paweł J. Matuszyk
Paweł J. Matuszyk
RDD Scientist, Baker Hughes Company
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Social distances model of pedestrian dynamics
J Wąs, B Gudowski, PJ Matuszyk
Cellular Automata: 7th International Conference on Cellular Automata, for …, 2006
Parametric finite elements, exact sequences and perfectly matched layers
PJ Matuszyk, LF Demkowicz
Computational Mechanics 51 (1), 35-45, 2013
Identification of rheological parameters on the basis of various types of plastometric tests
D Szeliga, P Matuszyk, R Kuziak, M Pietrzyk
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 125, 150-154, 2002
Frequency-domain finite-element simulations of 2D sonic wireline borehole measurements acquired in fractured and thinly bedded formations
PJ Matuszyk, C Torres-Verdín, D Pardo
Geophysics 78 (4), D193-D207, 2013
Influence of borehole-eccentred tools on wireline and logging-while-drilling sonic logging measurements
D Pardo, P Matuszyk, I Muga, C Torres-Verdín, A Mora, VM Calo
Geophysical Prospecting 61 (Supp. 1), 268–283, 2013
Solution of Coupled Acoustic-Elastic Wave Propagation Problems with Anelastic Attenuation Using Automatic< i> hp</i>-Adaptivity
PJ Matuszyk, LF Demkowicz, C Torres-Verdin
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 2012
Solution of coupled poroelastic/acoustic/elastic wave propagation problems using automatic hp-adaptivity
PJ Matuszyk, LF Demkowicz
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 281 (DOI: 10.1016/j …, 2014
Spatial sensitivity functions for rapid numerical simulation of borehole sonic measurements in vertical wells
S Huang, PJ Matuszyk, C Torres-Verdín
Geophysics 80 (5), D459-D480, 2015
Utilization of Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers in Downhole Cement Evaluation
D Patterson, A Bolshakov, PJ Matuszyk
Petrophysics 56 (5), D99-D113, 2015
Modeling of guided circumferential SH and Lamb-type waves in open waveguides with semi-analytical finite element and perfectly matched layer method
PJ Matuszyk
Journal of Sound and Vibration 386, 295-310, 2017
Joint processing of forward and backward extended Prony and weighted spectral semblance methods for robust extraction of velocity dispersion data
BCV J. Ma, P. Matuszyk, R. K. Mallan, C. Torres-Verdín
Proceedings of The Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA …, 2010
Modeling of Resistivity and Acoustic Borehole Logging Measurements Using Finite Element Methods
P David, PJ Matuszyk, V Puzyrev, C Torres-Verdin, MJ Nam, V Calo
Forward and backward amplitude and phase estimation method for dispersion analysis of borehole sonic measurements
W Li, G Tao, PJ Matuszyk, C Torres-Verdín
Geophysics 80 (3), D295-D308, 2015
Cellular automata coupled with hp-adaptive Finite Element Method applied to simulation of austenite-ferrite phase transformation with a moving interface
J Gawad, M Paszynski, P Matuszyk, L Madej
Steel Research International 79 (2), 579-586, 2008
New cellular automata model of pedestrian representation
J Wąs, B Gudowski, PJ Matuszyk
Cellular Automata: 7th International Conference on Cellular Automata, for …, 2006
Frequency-domain simulation of logging-while-drilling borehole sonic waveforms
PJ Matuszyk, C Torres-Verdín
GEOPHYSICS 79 (2), D99-D113, 2014
Downhole electromagnetic acoustic transducer sensors
B Kouchmeshky, YAO Xiaochu, S Forgang, PJ Matuszyk, MS Ramirez, ...
US Patent 10,436,018, 2019
Extending the understanding of in-situ cement properties
D Patterson, S Dighe, PJ Matuszyk, A Holley, X Yao, W Han
SPWLA Annual Logging Symposium, SPWLA-2016-FF, 2016
High-resolution interpretation of sonic logging measurements using stochastic inversion with spatial slowness sensitivity functions
S Huang, Q Yang, PJ Matuszyk, C Torres-Verdín
SEG International Exposition and Annual Meeting, SEG-2013-0462, 2013
Fully automatic hp adaptive finite element method for the Stokes problem in two dimensions
P Matuszyk, M Paszyński
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 197 (51-52), 4549-4558, 2008
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