Amit Levy
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Comet: An Active Distributed {Key-Value} Store
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The case for writing a kernel in rust
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Beetle: Flexible communication for bluetooth low energy
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Position paper: Progressive memory safety for webassembly
C Disselkoen, J Renner, C Watt, T Garfinkel, A Levy, D Stefan
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New directions for self-destructing data
R Geambasu, T Kohno, A Krishnamurthy, A Levy, HM Levy, P Gardner, ...
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Stickler: Defending against malicious content distribution networks in an unmodified browser
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Don't talk unless i say so! securing the internet of things with default-off networking
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Blade: A data center garbage collector
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A Library for Removing Cache-based Attacks in Concurrent Information Flow Systems
P Buiras, A Levy, D Stefan, A Russo, D Mazières
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Building comprehensible access control for the Internet of Things using beetle
J Hong, A Levy, P Levis
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A networked embedded system platform for the post-mote era
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Safer at any speed: automatic context-aware safety enhancement for Rust
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How Low Can You Go? Practical cold-start performance limits in FaaS
Y Tan, D Liu, N Li, A Levy
arXiv preprint arXiv:2109.13319, 2021
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