Longjun Li
Longjun Li
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the University of Texas at Austin
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Hybrid and Aqueous Lithium‐Air Batteries
A Manthiram, L Li
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (4), 1401302, 2015
Enhanced Cycling Stability of Hybrid Li–Air Batteries Enabled by Ordered Pd3Fe Intermetallic Electrocatalyst
Z Cui, L Li, A Manthiram, JB Goodenough
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Advanced hybrid Li–air batteries with high-performance mesoporous nanocatalysts
L Li, SH Chai, S Dai, A Manthiram
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A dual-electrolyte rechargeable Li-air battery with phosphate buffer catholyte
L Li, X Zhao, A Manthiram
Electrochemistry Communications, 2011
Molecular understanding of polyelectrolyte binders that actively regulate ion transport in sulfur cathodes
L Li, TA Pascal, JG Connell, FY Fan, SM Meckler, L Ma, YM Chiang, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 2277, 2017
Hierarchical pore-in-pore and wire-in-wire catalysts for rechargeable Zn–and Li–air batteries with ultra-long cycle life and high cell efficiency
L Li, C Liu, G He, D Fan, A Manthiram
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (11), 3274-3282, 2015
Long‐Life, High‐Voltage Acidic Zn–Air Batteries
L Li, A Manthiram
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (5), 1502054, 2016
Co3O4 nanocrystals coupled with O-and N-doped carbon nanoweb as a synergistic catalyst for hybrid Li-air batteries
L Li, S Liu, A Manthiram
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VO 2/rGO nanorods as a potential anode for sodium-and lithium-ion batteries
G He, L Li, A Manthiram
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Delineating the roles of Co 3 O 4 and N-doped carbon nanoweb (CNW) in bifunctional Co 3 O 4/CNW catalysts for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactions
S Liu, L Li, HS Ahn, A Manthiram
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O-and N-Doped Carbon Nanowebs as Metal-Free Catalysts for Hybrid Li-Air Batteries.
L Li, A Manthiram
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (10), 2014
Design rules for membranes from polymers of intrinsic microporosity for crossover-free aqueous electrochemical devices
MJ Baran, MN Braten, S Sahu, A Baskin, SM Meckler, L Li, L Maserati, ...
Joule 3 (12), 2968-2985, 2019
Dual-electrolyte lithium-air batteries: Influence of catalyst, temperature, and solid-electrolyte conductivity on the efficiency and power density
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Decoupled bifunctional air electrodes for high-performance hybrid lithium-air batteries
L Li, A Manthiram
Nano Energy 9, 94-100, 2014
Nanoporous polymer films with a high cation transference number stabilize lithium metal anodes in light-weight batteries for electrified transportation
L Ma, C Fu, L Li, KS Mayilvahanan, T Watkins, BR Perdue, KR Zavadil, ...
Nano letters 19 (2), 1387-1394, 2019
Understanding and controlling the chemical evolution and polysulfide-blocking ability of lithium–sulfur battery membranes cast from polymers of intrinsic microporosity
SE Doris, AL Ward, PD Frischmann, L Li, BA Helms
Journal of materials chemistry A 4 (43), 16946-16952, 2016
Polyprotic acid catholyte for high capacity dual-electrolyte Li-air batteries
A Manthiram, L Li, X Zhao, Y Fu
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2012
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Imidazole-buffered acidic catholytes for hybrid Li–air batteries with high practical energy density
L Li, Y Fu, A Manthiram
Electrochemistry communications 47, 67-70, 2014
Expandable-graphite-derived graphene for next-generation battery chemistries
C Zu, L Li, L Qie, A Manthiram
Journal of Power Sources 284, 60-67, 2015
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