Naresh Pillai
Naresh Pillai
Research Assistant, RMIT University
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A human pilot trial of ingestible electronic capsules capable of sensing different gases in the gut
K Kalantar-Zadeh, KJ Berean, N Ha, AF Chrimes, K Xu, D Grando, JZ Ou, ...
Nature Electronics 1 (1), 79-87, 2018
Printing two-dimensional gallium phosphate out of liquid metal
N Syed, A Zavabeti, JZ Ou, M Mohiuddin, N Pillai, BJ Carey, BY Zhang, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 3618, 2018
Atomically Thin Ga2S3 from Skin of Liquid Metals for Electrical, Optical, and Sensing Applications
MMYA Alsaif, N Pillai, S Kuriakose, S Walia, A Jannat, K Xu, T Alkathiri, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (7), 4665-4672, 2019
Intestinal gas capsules: A proof-of-concept demonstration
K Kalantar-Zadeh, CK Yao, KJ Berean, N Ha, JZ Ou, SA Ward, N Pillai, ...
Gastroenterology 150 (1), 37-39, 2016
Ordered intracrystalline pores in planar molybdenum oxide for enhanced alkaline hydrogen evolution
F Haque, A Zavabeti, BY Zhang, RS Datta, Y Yin, Z Yi, Y Wang, ...
Journal of materials chemistry A 7 (1), 257-268, 2019
2D SnO/In2O3 van der Waals Heterostructure Photodetector Based on Printed Oxide Skin of Liquid Metals
MMYA Alsaif, S Kuriakose, S Walia, N Syed, A Jannat, BY Zhang, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 6 (7), 1900007, 2019
Surface water dependent properties of sulfur-rich molybdenum sulfides: electrolyteless gas phase water splitting
T Daeneke, N Dahr, P Atkin, RM Clark, CJ Harrison, R Brkljaca, N Pillai, ...
ACS nano 11 (7), 6782-6794, 2017
A visible‐blind photodetector and artificial optoelectronic synapse using liquid‐metal exfoliated ZnO nanosheets
V Krishnamurthi, T Ahmed, M Mohiuddin, A Zavabeti, N Pillai, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 9 (16), 2100449, 2021
Potential of in vivo real-time gastric gas profiling: a pilot evaluation of heat-stress and modulating dietary cinnamon effect in an animal model
JZ Ou, JJ Cottrell, N Ha, N Pillai, CK Yao, KJ Berean, SA Ward, D Grando, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 33387, 2016
Screening dietary fibres for fermentation characteristics and metabolic profiles using a rapid in vitro approach: implications for irritable bowel syndrome
D So, CK Yao, PA Gill, N Pillai, PR Gibson, JG Muir
British Journal of Nutrition 126 (2), 208-218, 2021
Atomically thin TiO 2 nanosheets synthesized using liquid metal chemistry
T Alkathiri, N Dhar, A Jannat, N Syed, M Mohiuddin, MMYA Alsaif, ...
Chemical communications 56 (36), 4914-4917, 2020
Ordered-vacancy-enabled indium sulphide printed in wafer-scale with enhanced electron mobility
A Jannat, Q Yao, A Zavabeti, N Syed, BY Zhang, T Ahmed, S Kuriakose, ...
Materials Horizons 7 (3), 827-834, 2020
3D visible‐light‐driven plasmonic oxide frameworks deviated from liquid metal nanodroplets
MMYA Alsaif, F Haque, T Alkathiri, V Krishnamurthi, S Walia, Y Hu, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 31 (52), 2106397, 2021
Plasmon-induced long-lived hot electrons in degenerately doped molybdenum oxides for visible-light-driven photochemical reactions
Y Wang, A Zavabeti, F Haque, BY Zhang, Q Yao, L Chen, D Chen, Y Hu, ...
Materials Today 55, 21-28, 2022
Patterned films from exfoliated two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides assembled at a liquid–liquid interface
RM Clark, KJ Berean, BJ Carey, N Pillai, T Daeneke, IS Cole, K Latham, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (28), 6937-6944, 2017
Production and faecal fermentation of pentose oligomers of hemicellulose: Study of variables influencing bioprocess efficiency
RD Singh, D So, CK Yao, P Gill, N Pillai, J Muir, A Arora
Food chemistry 297, 124945, 2019
An in-vitro upper gut simulator for assessing continuous gas production: a proof-of-concept using milk digestion
N Pillai, KJ Berean, R Brkljaca, LJ Greve, S Kasapis, K Kalantar-Zadeh
Journal of functional foods 47, 200-210, 2018
Exploring electric field assisted van der Waals weakening of stratified crystals
M Mohiuddin, N Pillai, A Zavabeti, N Mahmood, N Syed, RS Datta, ...
Applied Materials Today 12, 359-365, 2018
In-vitro simulation of the upper digestive tract for investigation of gas production
N Pillai
RMIT University, 2018
Potential of in vivo real-time gastric gas profiling: a pilot evaluation of heat-stress and modulating dietary cinnamon effect in an animal model.
OJZ Ou JianZhen, JJ Cottrell, HN Ha Nam, N Pillai, CK Yao, KJ Berean, ...
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