Rob Bradley
Rob Bradley
Head of Development, Geotek Ltd
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Image based modelling of microstructural heterogeneity in LiFePO4 electrodes for Li-ion batteries
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Dynamic loading of electrospun yarns guides mesenchymal stem cells towards a tendon lineage
LA Bosworth, SR Rathbone, RS Bradley, SH Cartmell
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Whole organ vascular casting and microCT examination of the human placental vascular tree reveals novel alterations associated with pregnancy disease
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JA Dunlop, S Wirth, D Penney, A McNeil, RS Bradley, PJ Withers, ...
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In Situ Laboratory-Based Transmission X-Ray Microscopy and Tomography of Material Deformation at the Nanoscale
BM Patterson, NL Cordes, K Henderson, JCE Mertens, AJ Clarke, ...
Experimental Mechanics 56, 1585-1597, 2016
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