Antoine Weis
Antoine Weis
Zurich, Garching, Bonn, Fribourg, London
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Resonant nonlinear magneto-optical effects in atoms
D Budker, W Gawlik, DF Kimball, SM Rochester, VV Yashchuk, A Weis
Reviews of modern physics 74 (4), 1153, 2002
Measurement of the permanent electric dipole moment of the neutron
C Abel, S Afach, NJ Ayres, CA Baker, G Ban, G Bison, K Bodek, V Bondar, ...
Physical Review Letters 124 (8), 081803, 2020
Revised experimental upper limit on the electric dipole moment of the neutron
JM Pendlebury, S Afach, NJ Ayres, CA Baker, G Ban, G Bison, K Bodek, ...
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Search for axionlike dark matter through nuclear spin precession in electric and magnetic fields
C Abel, NJ Ayres, G Ban, G Bison, K Bodek, V Bondar, M Daum, ...
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A laser-pumped magnetometer for the mapping of human cardiomagnetic fields
G Bison, R Wynands, A Weis
Applied Physics B 76, 325-328, 2003
A high-sensitivity laser-pumped Mx magnetometer
S Groeger, G Bison, JL Schenker, R Wynands, A Weis
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A room temperature 19-channel magnetic field mapping device for cardiac signals
G Bison, N Castagna, A Hofer, P Knowles, JL Schenker, M Kasprzak, ...
Applied Physics Letters 95 (17), 2009
The wave-particle duality of light: A demonstration experiment
TL Dimitrova, A Weis
American Journal of Physics 76 (2), 137-142, 2008
Dynamical mapping of the human cardiomagnetic field with a room-temperature, laser-optical sensor
G Bison, R Wynands, A Weis
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Quantitative investigation of the resonant nonlinear Faraday effect under conditions of optical hyperfine pumping
SI Kanorsky, A Weis, J Wurster, TW Hänsch
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Test of Lorentz invariance with spin precession of ultracold neutrons
I Altarev, CA Baker, G Ban, G Bison, K Bodek, M Daum, P Fierlinger, ...
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Direct experimental limit on neutron–mirror-neutron oscillations
G Ban, K Bodek, M Daum, R Henneck, S Heule, M Kasprzak, N Khomutov, ...
Physical review letters 99 (16), 161603, 2007
Quantitative investigation of the effect of resonant absorbers on the Goos-Hänchen shift
E Pfleghaar, A Marseille, A Weis
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Theory of double resonance magnetometers based on atomic alignment
A Weis, G Bison, AS Pazgalev
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 74 (3), 033401, 2006
Selection rules and line strengths of Zeeman-split dark resonances
R Wynands, A Nagel, S Brandt, D Meschede, A Weis
Physical Review A 58 (1), 196, 1998
Comparison of discharge lamp and laser pumped cesium magnetometers
S Groeger, AS Pazgalev, A Weis
Applied Physics B 80, 645-654, 2005
A large sample study of spin relaxation and magnetometric sensitivity of paraffin-coated Cs vapor cells
N Castagna, G Bison, G Di Domenico, A Hofer, P Knowles, C Macchione, ...
Applied Physics B 96, 763-772, 2009
Pressure shift and broadening of the resonance line of barium atoms in liquid helium
SI Kanorsky, M Arndt, R Dziewior, A Weis, TW Hänsch
Physical Review B 50 (9), 6296, 1994
Neutron to mirror-neutron oscillations in the presence of mirror magnetic fields
I Altarev, CA Baker, G Ban, K Bodek, M Daum, P Fierlinger, P Geltenbort, ...
Physical Review D—Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology 80 (3), 032003, 2009
Search for topological defect dark matter with a global network of optical magnetometers
S Afach, BC Buchler, D Budker, C Dailey, A Derevianko, V Dumont, ...
Nature Physics 17 (12), 1396-1401, 2021
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