Raquel Verdejo
Raquel Verdejo
Research Scientist, ICTP-CSIC - ORCID: 0000-0002-3049-0632
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Graphene filled polymer nanocomposites
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Multifunctional nanostructured PLA materials for packaging and tissue engineering
I Armentano, N Bitinis, E Fortunati, S Mattioli, N Rescignano, R Verdejo, ...
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Functionalized graphene sheet filled silicone foam nanocomposites
R Verdejo, ...
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Increasing the performance of dielectric elastomer actuators: A review from the materials perspective
LJ Romasanta, MA López-Manchado, R Verdejo
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Enhanced acoustic damping in flexible polyurethane foams filled with carbon nanotubes
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Heel–shoe interactions and the durability of EVA foam running-shoe midsoles
R Verdejo, NJ Mills
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Overall performance of natural rubber/graphene nanocomposites
M Hernández, M del Mar Bernal, R Verdejo, TA Ezquerra, ...
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Evolution of self-healing elastomers, from extrinsic to combined intrinsic mechanisms: A review
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Particle-stabilized surfactant-free medium internal phase emulsions as templates for porous nanocomposite materials: poly-pickering-foams
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Removal of oxidation debris from multi-walled carbon nanotubes
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Polymer foams for personal protection: cushions, shoes and helmets
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Effect of nanoclay on natural rubber microstructure
J Carretero-González, H Retsos, R Verdejo, S Toki, BS Hsiao, ...
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Plasma fluorination of chemically derived graphene sheets and subsequent modification with butylamine
SB Bon, L Valentini, R Verdejo, JL Garcia Fierro, L Peponi, ...
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All‐polystyrene 3D‐printed electrochemical device with embedded carbon nanofiber‐graphite‐polystyrene composite conductor
Z Rymansaib, P Iravani, E Emslie, M Medvidović‐Kosanović, ...
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Physical properties of silicone foams filled with carbon nanotubes and functionalized graphene sheets
R Verdejo, C Saiz-Arroyo, J Carretero-Gonzalez, F Barroso-Bujans, ...
European Polymer Journal 44 (9), 2790-2797, 2008
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