Bradford Powell
Bradford Powell
Assistant Professor of Genetics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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A millennial myosin census
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Tracking the evolution of alternatively spliced exons within the Dscam family
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Comparative analysis of functional assay evidence use by ClinGen Variant Curation Expert Panels
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Finding the rare pathogenic variants in a human genome
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Evaluating parents’ decisions about next-generation sequencing for their child in the NC NEXUS (North Carolina Newborn Exome Sequencing for Universal Screening) study: a …
LV Milko, C Rini, MA Lewis, RM Butterfield, FC Lin, RS Paquin, BC Powell, ...
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Transcriptional analysis of the conserved ftsZ gene cluster in Mycoplasma genitalium and Mycoplasma pneumoniae
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Characterizing reduced coverage regions through comparison of exome and genome sequencing data across 10 centers
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Actionability of commercial laboratory sequencing panels for newborn screening and the importance of transparency for parental decision-making
DM DeCristo, LV Milko, JM O’Daniel, AKM Foreman, LF Mollison, ...
Genome Medicine 13 (1), 1-13, 2021
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