Jelena Čulin
Jelena Čulin
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Effect of water filling on the electronic and vibrational resonances of carbon nanotubes: Characterizing tube opening by Raman spectroscopy
W Wenseleers, S Cambré, J Čulin, A Bouwen, E Goovaerts
Advanced Materials 19 (17), 2274-2278, 2007
Preventing marine accidents caused by technology-induced human error
T Bielić, N Hasanspahić, J Čulin
Pomorstvo 31 (1), 33-37, 2017
Motional heterogeneity and phase separation of functionalized polyester polyurethanes
J Čulin, M Andreis, I Šmit, Z Veksli, A Anžlovar, M Žigon
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Fault tree analysis and failure diagnosis of marine diesel engine turbocharger system
V Knežević, J Orović, L Stazić, J Čulin
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8 (12), 1004, 2020
Environmental risks associated with ballast water management systems that create disinfection by-products (DBPs)
J Čulin, B Mustać
Ocean & coastal management 105, 100-105, 2015
Motional heterogeneity and phase separation of semi-interpenetrating networks and mixtures based on functionalised polyurethane and polymethacrylate prepolymers
J Čulin, I Šmit, M Andreis, Z Veksli, A Anžlovar, M Žigon
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Plastic pollution from ships
J Čulin, T Bielić
Pomorski zbornik 51 (1), 57-66, 2016
Characterisation of nanohybrids of porphyrins with metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubes by EPR and optical spectroscopy
S Cambré, W Wenseleers, J Čulin, S Van Doorslaer, A Fonseca, JB Nagy, ...
ChemPhysChem 9 (13), 1930-1941, 2008
Interpenetrating polymer network composites containing polyurethanes designed for vibration damping
J Čulin
Polimery 61 (3), 159-165, 2016
Motional heterogeneity of segmented polyurethane–polymethacrylate mixtures: an influence of functional groups concentration
J Čulin, S Frka, M Andreis, I Šmit, Z Veksli, A Anžlovar, M Žigon
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Impact of Technology on Safety as Viewed by Ship Operators
D Mišković, T Bielić, J Čulin
Transactions on maritime science 7 (01), 51-58, 2018
Detainable maritime labour convention 2006-related deficiencis found by Paris mou authorities
L Grbić, D Ivanišević, J Čulin
Pomorstvo 29 (1), 52-57, 2015
Thermochemistry and adsorption equilibria at hematite—water interface
N Kallay, S Žalac, J Ćulin, U Bieger, A Pohlmeier, HD Narres
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Environmental and political determinants of food choices: a preliminary study in a Croatian sample
M Matek Sarić, K Jakšić, J Čulin, RPF Guiné
Environments 7 (11), 103, 2020
Changes in the tissue concentrations of trace elements during the reproductive cycle of Noah's Ark shells (Arca noae Linnaeus, 1758)
M Erk, D Ivanković, I Župan, J Čulin, Z Dragun, S Puljas, M Peharda
Marine pollution bulletin 133, 357-366, 2018
Causes of and preventive measures for complacency as viewed by officers in charge of the engineering watch
T Bielić, J Čulin, I Poljak, J Orović
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8 (7), 517, 2020
Phase morphology of functionalized polyester polyurethanes. Effect of functional group concentration
J Čulin, I Šmit, Z Veksli, A Anžlovar, M Žigon
Polymer international 55 (3), 285-291, 2006
Suggestions for improving the effectiveness of environmental education in the maritime sector
J Čulin, T Bielić, K Jakšić
Pomorstvo 33 (2), 232-237, 2019
Brominated flame retardants: recommendation for different listing under the Hong Kong convention
J Čulin
Science of the Total Environment 636, 919-926, 2018
The role of the master in improving safety culture onboard ships
T Bielić, D Predovan, J Čulin
TransNav: International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea …, 2017
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