Peter Van Daele
Peter Van Daele
IMEC - Professor Ghent University
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An out-of-plane grating coupler for efficient butt-coupling between compact planar waveguides and single-mode fibers
D Taillaert, W Bogaerts, P Bienstman, TF Krauss, P Van Daele, I Moerman, ...
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A ballistic electron emission microscopy study of barrier height inhomogeneities introduced in Au/III-V semiconductor Schottky barrier contacts by chemical pretreatments
GM Vanalme, L Goubert, RL Van Meirhaeghe, F Cardon, P Van Daele
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MT-compatible laser-ablated interconnections for optical printed circuit boards
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High efficiency planar microcavity LED's: comparison of design and experiment
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Direct writing of microlenses in polycarbonate with excimer laser ablation
K Naessens, H Ottevaere, R Baets, P Van Daele, H Thienpont
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First demonstration of highly reflective and highly polarization selective diffraction gratings (GIRO-gratings) for long-wavelength VCSELs
S Goeman, S Boons, B Dhoedt, K Vandeputte, K Caekebeke, ...
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Flexible fabrication of microlenses in polymer layers with excimer laser ablation
K Naessens, H Ottevaere, P Van Daele, R Baets
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Laser ablation of parallel optical interconnect waveguides
G Van Steenberge, N Hendrickx, E Bosman, J Van Erps, H Thienpont, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 18 (9), 1106-1108, 2006
Growth behavior during nonplanar metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
P Demeester, P Van Daele, R Baets
Journal of applied physics 63 (7), 2284-2290, 1988
Recent Developtents In Optically Nonlinear Polymers And Related Electro-Optic Devices
GR Mohlmann, WHG Horsthuis, C Van der Vorst, AM Donach, ...
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Method of making an optical waveguide to fibre connector using a free-standing, flexible waveguide sheet
PMC De Dobbelaere, PP Van Daele, GR Mohlmann
US Patent 6,097,871, 2000
Integration of gaas on si substrates
PM Demeester, AM Ackaert, PP Van Daele, DU Lootens
US Patent 5,108,947, 1992
Highly reliable flexible active optical links
E Bosman, G Van Steenberge, B Van Hoe, J Missinne, J Vanfleteren, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22 (5), 287-289, 2010
Optically nonlinear polymeric switches and modulators
GR Moehlmann, WHG Horsthuis, AM Donach, JM Copeland, C Duchet, ...
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Epitaxial lift-off GaAs LEDs to Si for fabrication of opto-electronic integrated circuits
I Pollentier, P Demeester, A Ackaert, L Buydens, P Van Daele, R Baets
Electronics Letters 26 (3), 193-194, 1990
Flexible shear sensor based on embedded optoelectronic components
J Missinne, E Bosman, B Van Hoe, G Van Steenberge, S Kalathimekkad, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 23 (12), 771-773, 2011
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