Anand A Joshi
Anand A Joshi
Research Associate Professor, USC
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Surface-constrained volumetric brain registration using harmonic mappings
AA Joshi, DW Shattuck, PM Thompson, RM Leahy
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Resting-state fMRI can reliably map neural networks in children
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Comparison of landmark-based and automatic methods for cortical surface registration
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Childhood music training induces change in micro and macroscopic brain structure: results from a longitudinal study
A Habibi, A Damasio, B Ilari, R Veiga, AA Joshi, RM Leahy, JP Haldar, ...
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Co-registration and distortion correction of diffusion and anatomical images based on inverse contrast normalization
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The contribution of genes to cortical thickness and volume
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Individual parcellation of resting fMRI with a group functional connectivity prior
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Correcting susceptibility-induced distortion in diffusion-weighted MRI using constrained nonrigid registration
C Bhushan, JP Haldar, AA Joshi, RM Leahy
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How age of acquisition influences brain architecture in bilinguals
M Wei, AA Joshi, M Zhang, L Mei, FR Manis, Q He, RL Beattie, G Xue, ...
Journal of Neurolinguistics 36, 35-55, 2015
An equal start: absence of group differences in cognitive, social, and neural measures prior to music or sports training in children
A Habibi, B Ilari, K Crimi, M Metke, JT Kaplan, AA Joshi, RM Leahy, ...
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High-resolution 18F-FDG PET with MRI for monitoring response to treatment in rheumatoid arthritis
AJ Chaudhari, SL Bowen, GW Burkett, NJ Packard, F Godinez, AA Joshi, ...
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A method for automated cortical surface registration and labeling
AA Joshi, DW Shattuck, RM Leahy
International Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration, 180-189, 2012
A method for automated cortical surface registration and labeling
AA Joshi, DW Shattuck, RM Leahy
International Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration, 180-189, 2012
Illumination pattern optimization for fluorescence tomography: theory and simulation studies
J Dutta, S Ahn, AA Joshi, RM Leahy
Physics in Medicine & Biology 55 (10), 2961, 2010
Visual phonetic processing localized using speech and nonspeech face gestures in video and point‐light displays
LE Bernstein, J Jiang, D Pantazis, ZL Lu, A Joshi
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Frontal information flow and connectivity in psychopathy
Y Yang, A Raine, AA Joshi, S Joshi, YT Chang, RA Schug, D Wheland, ...
The British Journal of Psychiatry 201 (5), 408-409, 2012
Sex differences in the human connectome: 4-Tesla high angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI) tractography in 234 young adult twins
N Jahanshad, I Aganj, C Lenglet, A Joshi, Y Jin, M Barysheva, ...
2011 IEEE international symposium on biomedical imaging: From nano to macro …, 2011
Amygdala responses to salient social cues vary with oxytocin receptor genotype in youth
HA Marusak, DJ Furman, N Kuruvadi, DW Shattuck, SH Joshi, AA Joshi, ...
Neuropsychologia 79, 1-9, 2015
Semi-automated method for delineation of landmarks on models of the cerebral cortex
DW Shattuck, AA Joshi, D Pantazis, E Kan, RA Dutton, ER Sowell, ...
Journal of neuroscience methods 178 (2), 385-392, 2009
Automatic intra‐subject registration‐based segmentation of abdominal fat from water–fat MRI
AA Joshi, HH Hu, RM Leahy, MI Goran, KS Nayak
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 37 (2), 423-430, 2013
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