Georgios I Angelis
Georgios I Angelis
Brain and Mind Centre, The University Of Sydney
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Direct reconstruction of parametric images using any spatiotemporal 4D image based model and maximum likelihood expectation maximisation
JC Matthews, GI Angelis, FA Kotasidis, PJ Markiewicz, AJ Reader
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposuim & Medical Imaging Conference, 2435-2441, 2010
Markerless motion tracking of awake animals in positron emission tomography
A Kyme, S Se, S Meikle, G Angelis, W Ryder, D Yatigammana, R Fulton
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 33 (11), 2180-2190, 2014
Single scan parameterization of space-variant point spread functions in image space via a printed array: the impact for two PET/CT scanners
FA Kotasidis, JC Matthews, GI Angelis, PJ Noonan, A Jackson, P Price, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 56 (10), 2917, 2011
Open-field PET: simultaneous brain functional imaging and behavioural response measurements in freely moving small animals
AZ Kyme, GI Angelis, J Eisenhuth, RR Fulton, V Zhou, G Hart, M Akhtar, ...
Neuroimage 188, 92-101, 2019
Impact of erroneous kinetic model formulation in Direct 4D image reconstruction
FA Kotasidis, JC Matthews, GI Angelis, PJ Markiewicz, WR Lionheart, ...
2011 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2366-2367, 2011
Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2011 IEEE
F Kotasidis, J Matthews, G Angelis, P Markiewicz, W Lionheart, A Reader
IEEE, 2011
A custom-built PET phantom design for quantitative imaging of printed distributions
PJ Markiewicz, GI Angelis, F Kotasidis, M Green, WR Lionheart, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 56 (21), N247, 2011
MLC tracking for lung SABR is feasible, efficient and delivers high-precision target dose and lower normal tissue dose
J Booth, V Caillet, A Briggs, N Hardcastle, G Angelis, D Jayamanne, ...
Radiotherapy and Oncology 155, 131-137, 2021
Convergence optimization of parametric MLEM reconstruction for estimation of Patlak plot parameters
GI Angelis, K Thielemans, AC Tziortzi, FE Turkheimer, C Tsoumpas
Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 35 (5), 407-416, 2011
Direct estimation of voxel-wise neurotransmitter response maps from dynamic PET data
GI Angelis, JE Gillam, WJ Ryder, RR Fulton, SR Meikle
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 38 (6), 1371-1383, 2018
Full field spatially-variant image-based resolution modelling reconstruction for the HRRT
GI Angelis, FA Kotasidis, JC Matthews, PJ Markiewicz, WR Lionheart, ...
Physica Medica 31 (2), 137-145, 2015
Isotope specific resolution recovery image reconstruction in high resolution PET imaging
FA Kotasidis, GI Angelis, J Anton‐Rodriguez, JC Matthews, AJ Reader, ...
Medical physics 41 (5), 052503, 2014
Application of adaptive kinetic modelling for bias propagation reduction in direct 4D image reconstruction
FA Kotasidis, JC Matthews, AJ Reader, GI Angelis, H Zaidi
Physics in Medicine & Biology 59 (20), 6061, 2014
Evaluation of a direct 4D reconstruction method using generalised linear least squares for estimating nonlinear micro-parametric maps
GI Angelis, JC Matthews, FA Kotasidis, PJ Markiewicz, WR Lionheart, ...
Annals of nuclear medicine 28, 860-873, 2014
4D PET iterative deconvolution with spatiotemporal regularization for quantitative dynamic PET imaging
A Reilhac, A Charil, C Wimberley, G Angelis, H Hamze, P Callaghan, ...
Neuroimage 118, 484-493, 2015
Acceleration of image-based resolution modelling reconstruction using an expectation maximization nested algorithm
GI Angelis, AJ Reader, PJ Markiewicz, FA Kotasidis, WR Lionheart, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 58 (15), 5061, 2013
Calculated attenuation correction for awake small animal brain PET studies
G Angelis, M Bickell, A Kyme, W Ryder, L Zhou, J Nuyts, S Meikle, ...
2013 IEEE nuclear science symposium and medical imaging conference (2013 NSS …, 2013
Image-based modelling of residual blurring in motion corrected small animal PET imaging using motion dependent point spread functions
GI Angelis, JE Gillam, AZ Kyme, RR Fulton, SR Meikle
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express 4 (3), 035032, 2018
Determining glucose metabolism kinetics using 18F-FDG micro-PET/CT
BJ Cochran, WJ Ryder, A Parmar, K Klaeser, A Reilhac, GI Angelis, ...
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e55184, 2017
The performance of monotonic and new non-monotonic gradient ascent reconstruction algorithms for high-resolution neuroreceptor PET imaging
GI Angelis, AJ Reader, FA Kotasidis, WR Lionheart, JC Matthews
Physics in Medicine & Biology 56 (13), 3895, 2011
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