Ganesh Balakrishnan
Ganesh Balakrishnan
Professor, ECE department, Assoc Director CHTM/UNM
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Strain relief by periodic misfit arrays for low defect density GaSb on GaAs
SH Huang, G Balakrishnan, A Khoshakhlagh, A Jallipalli, LR Dawson, ...
Applied physics letters 88 (13), 131911, 2006
Optically pumped frequency reconfigurable antenna design
Y Tawk, AR Albrecht, S Hemmady, G Balakrishnan, CG Christodoulou
IEEE antennas and wireless propagation letters 9, 280-283, 2010
Demonstration of a cognitive radio front end using an optically pumped reconfigurable antenna system (OPRAS)
Y Tawk, J Costantine, S Hemmady, G Balakrishnan, K Avery, ...
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 60 (2), 1075-1083, 2011
Interfacial misfit array formation for GaSb growth on GaAs
S Huang, G Balakrishnan, DL Huffaker
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (10), 103104, 2009
III/V ratio based selectivity between strained Stranski-Krastanov and strain-free GaSb quantum dots on GaAs
G Balakrishnan, J Tatebayashi, A Khoshakhlagh, SH Huang, A Jallipalli, ...
Applied physics letters 89 (16), 161104, 2006
wavelength InAs quantum dashes grown on a GaAs substrate using a metamorphic buffer layer
G Balakrishnan, S Huang, TJ Rotter, A Stintz, LR Dawson, KJ Malloy, ...
Applied physics letters 84 (12), 2058-2060, 2004
Light-emitting metasurfaces: simultaneous control of spontaneous emission and far-field radiation
S Liu, A Vaskin, S Addamane, B Leung, MC Tsai, Y Yang, ...
Nano letters 18 (11), 6906-6914, 2018
Growth mechanisms of highly mismatched AlSb on a Si substrate
G Balakrishnan, S Huang, LR Dawson, YC Xin, P Conlin, DL Huffaker
Applied Physics Letters 86 (3), 034105, 2005
Effect of dislocation density on thermal boundary conductance across GaSb/GaAs interfaces
PE Hopkins, JC Duda, SP Clark, CP Hains, TJ Rotter, LM Phinney, ...
Applied Physics Letters 98 (16), 161913, 2011
Atomistic modeling of strain distribution in self-assembled interfacial misfit dislocation (IMF) arrays in highly mismatched III–V semiconductor materials
A Jallipalli, G Balakrishnan, SH Huang, A Khoshakhlagh, LR Dawson, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 303 (2), 449-455, 2007
Self-organized formation of GaSb/GaAs quantum rings
R Timm, H Eisele, A Lenz, L Ivanova, G Balakrishnan, DL Huffaker, ...
Physical review letters 101 (25), 256101, 2008
Single-mode lasing of GaN nanowire-pairs
H Xu, JB Wright, TS Luk, JJ Figiel, K Cross, LF Lester, G Balakrishnan, ...
Applied Physics Letters 101 (11), 113106, 2012
Simultaneous interfacial misfit array formation and antiphase domain suppression on miscut silicon substrate
SH Huang, G Balakrishnan, A Khoshakhlagh, LR Dawson, DL Huffaker
Applied Physics Letters 93 (7), 071102, 2008
Mid-infrared InAs/GaSb strained layer superlattice detectors with nBn design grown on a GaAs substrate
E Plis, JB Rodriguez, G Balakrishnan, YD Sharma, HS Kim, T Rotter, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 25 (8), 085010, 2010
Lasing characteristics of self-assembled quantum dots embedded in an InGaAs quantum well
J Tatebayashi, A Khoshakhlagh, SH Huang, G Balakrishnan, LR Dawson, ...
Applied Physics Letters 90 (26), 261115, 2007
Controlled InAs quantum dot nucleation on faceted nanopatterned pyramids
PS Wong, G Balakrishnan, N Nuntawong, J Tatebayashi, DL Huffaker
Applied Physics Letters 90 (18), 183103, 2007
Structural analysis of highly relaxed GaSb grown on GaAs substrates with periodic interfacial array of 90 misfit dislocations
A Jallipalli, G Balakrishnan, SH Huang, TJ Rotter, K Nunna, BL Liang, ...
Nanoscale research letters 4 (12), 1458-1462, 2009
Room-temperature optically pumped (Al) GaSb vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser monolithically grown on an Si (1 0 0) substrate
G Balakrishnan, A Jallipalli, P Rotella, S Huang, A Khoshakhlagh, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 12 (6), 1636-1641, 2006
Formation and optical characteristics of strain-relieved and densely stacked quantum dots
J Tatebayashi, A Khoshakhlagh, SH Huang, LR Dawson, G Balakrishnan, ...
Applied Physics Letters 89 (20), 203116, 2006
Selective area growth of quantum dots formed on a patterned substrate
S Birudavolu, N Nuntawong, G Balakrishnan, YC Xin, S Huang, SC Lee, ...
Applied physics letters 85 (12), 2337-2339, 2004
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