Siddharth Dhomkar
Orientation-independent room temperature optical 13C hyperpolarization in powdered diamond
A Ajoy, K Liu, R Nazaryan, X Lv, PR Zangara, B Safvati, G Wang, D Arnold, ...
Science advances 4 (5), eaar5492, 2018
Long-term data storage in diamond
S Dhomkar, J Henshaw, H Jayakumar, CA Meriles
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Optical patterning of trapped charge in nitrogen-doped diamond
H Jayakumar, J Henshaw, S Dhomkar, D Pagliero, A Laraoui, NB Manson, ...
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Charge dynamics in near-surface, variable-density ensembles of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
S Dhomkar, H Jayakumar, PR Zangara, CA Meriles
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Multispin-assisted optical pumping of bulk nuclear spin polarization in diamond
D Pagliero, KRK Rao, PR Zangara, S Dhomkar, HH Wong, A Abril, ...
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On-demand generation of neutral and negatively charged silicon-vacancy centers in diamond
S Dhomkar, PR Zangara, J Henshaw, CA Meriles
Physical review letters 120 (11), 117401, 2018
Using deep learning to understand and mitigate the qubit noise environment
DF Wise, JJL Morton, S Dhomkar
PRX Quantum 2, 010316, 2021
Dynamics of frequency-swept nuclear spin optical pumping in powdered diamond at low magnetic fields
PR Zangara, S Dhomkar, A Ajoy, K Liu, R Nazaryan, D Pagliero, D Suter, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (7), 2512-2520, 2019
Feasibility of submonolayer ZnTe/ZnCdSe quantum dots as intermediate band solar cell material system
S Dhomkar, U Manna, L Peng, R Moug, IC Noyan, MC Tamargo, ...
Solar energy materials and solar cells 117, 604-609, 2013
Spin readout via spin-to-charge conversion in bulk diamond nitrogen-vacancy ensembles
H Jayakumar, S Dhomkar, J Henshaw, CA Meriles
Applied Physics Letters 113 (12), 2018
Determination of excitonic size with sub-nanometer precision via excitonic Aharonov-Bohm effect in type-II quantum dots
B Roy, H Ji, S Dhomkar, FJ Cadieu, L Peng, R Moug, MC Tamargo, ...
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Vertical correlation and miniband formation in submonolayer Zn (Cd) Te/ZnCdSe type-II quantum dots for intermediate band solar cell application
S Dhomkar, U Manna, IC Noyan, MC Tamargo, IL Kuskovsky
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Radiative transitions in stacked type-II ZnMgTe quantum dots embedded in ZnSe
U Manna, Q Zhang, S Dhomkar, IF Salakhutdinov, MC Tamargo, ...
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Measurement and control of size and density of type-II ZnTe/ZnSe submonolayer quantum dots grown by migration enhanced epitaxy
S Dhomkar, H Ji, B Roy, V Deligiannakis, A Wang, MC Tamargo, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 422, 8-14, 2015
Enhancement and narrowing of the Aharonov-Bohm oscillations due to built-in electric field in stacked type-II ZnTe/ZnSe quantum dots: Spectral analysis
B Roy, H Ji, S Dhomkar, FJ Cadieu, L Peng, R Moug, MC Tamargo, Y Kim, ...
Physical Review B 86 (16), 165310, 2012
Determination of lateral size distribution of type-II ZnTe/ZnSe stacked submonolayer quantum dots via spectral analysis of optical signature of the Aharanov-Bohm excitons
H Ji, S Dhomkar, B Roy, V Shuvayev, V Deligiannakis, MC Tamargo, ...
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Characterization of the three-well active region of a quantum cascade laser using contactless electroreflectance
J De Jesus, TA Garcia, S Dhomkar, A Ravikumar, C Gmachl, G Chen, ...
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Optimization of growth conditions of type-II Zn (Cd) Te/ZnCdSe submonolayer quantum dot superlattices for intermediate band solar cells
S Dhomkar, IL Kuskovsky, U Manna, IC Noyan, MC Tamargo
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 31 (3), 2013
Determination of shape anisotropy in embedded low contrast submonolayer quantum dot structures
S Dhomkar, N Vaxelaire, H Ji, V Shuvayev, MC Tamargo, IL Kuskovsky, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (25), 251905, 2015
Tuning Between Quantum-Dot-and Quantum-Well-Like Behaviors in Type II ZnTe Submonolayer Quantum Dots by Controlling Tellurium Flux During MBE Growth
H Ji, B Roy, S Dhomkar, RT Moug, MC Tamargo, A Wang, IL Kuskovsky
Journal of electronic materials 42, 3297-3302, 2013
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