Yuri Maistrenko
Yuri Maistrenko
Institute of Mathematics and Technical Center, NAS of Ukraine
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Difference Equations and their Applications
AN Sharkovsky, YL Maistrenko, EY Romanenko
Kluver Academic Publishing Co, 1993
Chaotic synchronization: applications to living systems
E Mosekilde, Y Maistrenko, D Postnov
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I Omelchenko, Y Maistrenko, P Hövel, E Schöll
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Virtual chimera states for delayed-feedback systems
L Larger, B Penkovsky, Y Maistrenko
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Imperfect chimera states for coupled pendula
T Kapitaniak, P Kuzma, J Wojewoda, K Czolczynski, Y Maistrenko
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An introduction to the synchronization of chaotic systems: coupled skew tent maps
M Hasler, YL Maistrenko
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Transition from spatial coherence to incoherence in coupled chaotic systems
I Omelchenko, B Riemenschneider, P Hövel, Y Maistrenko, E Schöll
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Разностные уравнения и их приложения
АН Шарковский, ЮЛ Майстренко, ЕЮ Романенко
Наукова Думка, 1986
Chimera states: The natural link between coherence and incoherence
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Laser chimeras as a paradigm for multistable patterns in complex systems
L Larger, B Penkovsky, Y Maistrenko
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Spectral properties of chimera states
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Chimera states as chaotic spatiotemporal patterns
OE Omel’chenko, M Wolfrum, YL Maistrenko
Physical Review E—Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 81 (6 …, 2010
Transverse instability and riddled basins on a system of two coupled logistic maps
Y Maistrenko, V Maistrenko, O Popovych, E Mosekilde
Physical Review E 57 (3), 2713-2724, 1998
Phase chaos in coupled oscillators
OV Popovych, YL Maistrenko, PA Tass
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Cycles of chaotic intervals in a time-delayed Chua's Circuit
Y Maistrenko, V Maistrenko, L Chua
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Stationary patterns of coherence and incoherence in two-dimensional arrays of non-locally-coupled phase oscillators
OE Omel'chenko, M Wolfrum, S Yanchuk, YL Maistrenko, O Sudakov
Physical Review E—Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 85 (3 …, 2012
Multistability in the Kuramoto model with synaptic plasticity
YL Maistrenko, B Lysyansky, C Hauptmann, O Burylko, PA Tass
Physical Review E—Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 75 (6 …, 2007
Mechanism of desynchronization in the finite-dimensional Kuramoto model
Y Maistrenko, O Popovych, O Burylko, P Tass
Physical Revie Letter 93, 084102, 2004
Solitary state at the edge of synchrony in ensembles with attractive and repulsive interactions
Y Maistrenko, B Penkovsky, M Rosenblum
Physical Review E 89 (6), 060901, 2014
Chimera states in three dimensions
Y Maistrenko, O Sudakov, O Osiv, V Maistrenko
New Journal of Physics 17 (7), 073037, 2015
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