Leonardo S. Barbosa
Leonardo S. Barbosa
Research Assistant Professor, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC
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A neural marker of perceptual consciousness in infants
S Kouider, C Stahlhut, SV Gelskov, LS Barbosa, M Dutat, V de Gardelle, ...
Science 340 (6130), 376-380, 2013
Inducing task-relevant responses to speech in the sleeping brain
S Kouider, T Andrillon, LS Barbosa, L Goupil, TA Bekinschtein
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Neural dynamics of prediction and surprise in infants
S Kouider, B Long, L Le Stanc, S Charron, AC Fievet, LS Barbosa, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 8537, 2015
Integrated information theory (IIT) 4.0: formulating the properties of phenomenal existence in physical terms
L Albantakis, L Barbosa, G Findlay, M Grasso, AM Haun, W Marshall, ...
PLoS Computational Biology 19 (10), e1011465, 2023
Mechanism integrated information
LS Barbosa, W Marshall, L Albantakis, G Tononi
Entropy 23 (3), 362, 2021
A measure for intrinsic information
LS Barbosa, W Marshall, S Streipert, L Albantakis, G Tononi
Scientific reports 10 (1), 18803, 2020
Establishing the objective sleep phenotype in hypersomnolence disorder with and without comorbid major depression
DT Plante, JD Cook, LS Barbosa, MR Goldstein, ML Prairie, RF Smith, ...
Sleep 42 (6), zsz060, 2019
Complex linguistic rules modulate early auditory brain responses
Y Sun, M Giavazzi, M Adda-Decker, LS Barbosa, S Kouider, ...
Brain and Language 149, 55-65, 2015
Prior expectation modulates repetition suppression without perceptual awareness
LS Barbosa, S Kouider
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 5055, 2018
Prior expectations modulate unconscious evidence accumulation
LS Barbosa, A Vlassova, S Kouider
Consciousness and Cognition 51, 236-242, 2017
Noradrenaline tracks emotional modulation of attention in human amygdala
D Bang, Y Luo, LS Barbosa, SR Batten, B Hadj-Amar, T Twomey, ...
Current Biology 33 (22), 5003-5010. e6, 2023
System integrated information
W Marshall, M Grasso, WGP Mayner, A Zaeemzadeh, LS Barbosa, ...
Entropy 25 (2), 334, 2023
Backward renormalization-group inference of cortical dipole sources and neural connectivity efficacy
SR Amaral, LA Baccala, LS Barbosa, N Caticha
Physical Review E 95 (6), 062415, 2017
Dopamine and serotonin in human substantia nigra track social context and value signals during economic exchange
SR Batten, D Bang, BH Kopell, AN Davis, M Heflin, Q Fu, O Perl, K Ziafat, ...
Nature Human Behaviour, 1-11, 2024
Deep Learning Architectures for FSCV, a Comparison
T Twomey, L Barbosa, T Lohrenz, PR Montague
arXiv preprint arXiv:2212.01960, 2022
Reduced Spatial Frequency Differentiation and Sex Differences in the Fusiform Cortex during Emotional Face Processing in Autism
A Lacroix, L Barbosa, K Kovarski, M Garrido, L VERCUEIL, L Kauffmann, ...
Sex modulation of faces prediction error in the autistic brain
A Lacroix, S Harquel, M Mermillod, M Garrido, L Barbosa, L Vercueil, ...
Communications Biology 7 (1), 127, 2024
Multiomic foundations of human prefrontal cortex tissue function
BH Kopell, DA Kaji, LE Liharska, E Vornholt, A Valentine, A Lund, ...
medRxiv, 2024.05. 17.24307537, 2024
Sex differences in atypical predictive processes from low spatial frequencies
A Lacroix, M Mermillod, S Harquel, M Garrido, L Barbosa, L Vercueil, ...
INSAR, 2023
The predictive unconscious: how predictions shape unconscious perception
LS Barbosa
Paris Sciences et Lettres (ComUE), 2016
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