Teng Zhai
Teng Zhai
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Hydrogenated TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Supercapacitors
X Lu, G Wang, T Zhai, M Yu, J Gan, Y Tong, Y Li
Nano letters 12 (3), 1690-1696, 2012
Flexible Solid-State Supercapacitors Based on Carbon Nanoparticles/MnO2 Nanorods Hybrid Structure
L Yuan, XH Lu, X Xiao, T Zhai, J Dai, F Zhang, B Hu, X Wang, L Gong, ...
ACS nano 6 (1), 656-661, 2012
H‐TiO2@MnO2//H‐TiO2@C Core–Shell Nanowires for High Performance and Flexible Asymmetric Supercapacitors
X Lu, M Yu, G Wang, T Zhai, S Xie, Y Ling, Y Tong, Y Li
Advanced materials 25 (2), 267-272, 2013
Oxygen‐deficient hematite nanorods as high‐performance and novel negative electrodes for flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
X Lu, Y Zeng, M Yu, T Zhai, C Liang, S Xie, MS Balogun, Y Tong
Advanced materials 26 (19), 3148-3155, 2014
Polyaniline and polypyrrole pseudocapacitor electrodes with excellent cycling stability
T Liu, L Finn, M Yu, H Wang, T Zhai, X Lu, Y Tong, Y Li
Nano letters 14 (5), 2522-2527, 2014
High energy density asymmetric quasi-solid-state supercapacitor based on porous vanadium nitride nanowire anode
X Lu, M Yu, T Zhai, G Wang, S Xie, T Liu, C Liang, Y Tong, Y Li
Nano letters 13 (6), 2628-2633, 2013
Solid-state supercapacitor based on activated carbon cloths exhibits excellent rate capability.
G Wang, H Wang, X Lu, Y Ling, M Yu, T Zhai, Y Tong, Y Li
Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 26 (17), 2676-82, 2615, 2014
WO3–x@ Au@ MnO2 core–shell nanowires on carbon fabric for high-performance flexible supercapacitors.
X Lu, T Zhai, X Zhang, Y Shen, L Yuan, B Hu, L Gong, J Chen, Y Gao, ...
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 24 (7), 938-944, 2012
Stabilized TiN nanowire arrays for high-performance and flexible supercapacitors
X Lu, G Wang, T Zhai, M Yu, S Xie, Y Ling, C Liang, Y Tong, Y Li
Nano letters 12 (10), 5376-5381, 2012
Phosphate Ion Functionalized Co3 O4 Ultrathin Nanosheets with Greatly Improved Surface Reactivity for High Performance Pseudocapacitors.
T Zhai, L Wan, S Sun, Q Chen, J Sun, Q Xia, H Xia
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 29 (7), 2016
Facile synthesis of large-area manganese oxide nanorod arrays as a high-performance electrochemical supercapacitor
X Lu, D Zheng, T Zhai, Z Liu, Y Huang, S Xie, Y Tong
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (8), 2915-2921, 2011
Oxygen vacancies promoting photoelectrochemical performance of In2O3 nanocubes
J Gan, X Lu, J Wu, S Xie, T Zhai, M Yu, Z Zhang, Y Mao, SCI Wang, ...
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1021, 2013
WO3−x/MoO3−x Core/Shell Nanowires on Carbon Fabric as an Anode for All‐Solid‐State Asymmetric Supercapacitors
X Xiao, T Ding, L Yuan, Y Shen, Q Zhong, X Zhang, Y Cao, B Hu, T Zhai, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 2 (11), 1328-1332, 2012
Oxygen vacancies enhancing capacitive properties of MnO2 nanorods for wearable asymmetric supercapacitors
T Zhai, S Xie, M Yu, P Fang, C Liang, X Lu, Y Tong
Nano Energy 8, 255-263, 2014
LiCl/PVA gel electrolyte stabilizes vanadium oxide nanowire electrodes for pseudocapacitors
G Wang, X Lu, Y Ling, T Zhai, H Wang, Y Tong, Y Li
ACS nano 6 (11), 10296-10302, 2012
A new benchmark capacitance for supercapacitor anodes by mixed-valence sulfur-doped V6O (13-x).
T Zhai, X Lu, Y Ling, M Yu, G Wang, T Liu, C Liang, Y Tong, Y Li
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 26 (33), 5869-5875, 2014
Scalable self-growth of Ni@ NiO core-shell electrode with ultrahigh capacitance and super-long cyclic stability for supercapacitors
M Yu, W Wang, C Li, T Zhai, X Lu, Y Tong
NPG Asia materials 6 (9), e129-e129, 2014
3D MnO 2–graphene composites with large areal capacitance for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
T Zhai, F Wang, M Yu, S Xie, C Liang, C Li, F Xiao, R Tang, Q Wu, X Lu, ...
Nanoscale 5 (15), 6790-6796, 2013
Hierarchical Fe3O4@Fe2O3 Core–Shell Nanorod Arrays as High-Performance Anodes for Asymmetric Supercapacitors
X Tang, R Jia, T Zhai, H Xia
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (49), 27518-27525, 2015
Improving the Cycling Stability of Metal-Nitride Supercapacitor Electrodes with a Thin Carbon Shell.
X Lu, T Liu, T Zhai, G Wang, M Yu, S Xie, Y Ling, C Liang, Y Tong, Y Li
Advanced energy materials 4 (4), 2014
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